They Lied.  With Malice.  Under Oath.  Before The Senate.  In Front Of The American People. (June 27, 2022)

. . .

K          “All five of them lied.  And all five are going to get away with the lies.”

J          “All five of them lied.  All five are getting away with the lies.  That is America today.  They knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that getting the job required them to lie to the Senate and the American people and then left them unteathered to decide to the contrary and get away with it.”

. . .

J          “Without the detriment of any formal American legal indoctrination, I regard the opinion issued on Friday written in what was probably a smoke-filled back room as just an opinion . . . that happens to be the wrong opinion.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion.  To gauge their true and binding sentiments, I place stock in what they averred to the Senate and to the entire nation under oath and in public.  In plain English, they backhandedly agreed that Roe v. Wade was settled law, stare decisis is a fundamental principle of American law and a right to privacy exists in the Constitution.  To the extent they were knowingly coy, they were intentionally deceptive.  To discern and divine the true and accurate decision that is to guide the land, you must turn to the statements made under oath to the American people.  Properly analyzed, Roe was upheld by a 9 – 0 vote.”

K          “Logic has no place in the discussion.  What they did was a raw, naked and unvarnished abuse of power.”

. . .

K          “For a decade I have observed that the Supreme Court is not a legitimate institution and as constituted has no legitimate role to play in American law and society.  The humility, integrity and honesty addressed in Federalist No. 78 are not in evidence in the judiciary today.  The Supremes have gone rogue.”

J          “The situation is hopeless.  The Supreme Court has the ability to do physical violence to the citizens of America which is why they are able to do violence to the body politic.”

. . .

K          “The major Democratic politicians do not have the courage or the integrity to impeach them because they do not have courage or integrity.  The Roe issue is also the greatest fund raiser for the DNC machine.  However, lying to Congress is a violation of multiple provisions of Title 18, the federal criminal code.  The Attorney General should present the criminal charges to a grand jury.  That might get some attention.  They may find their lifetime appointment is served in the graybar hotel.”

J          “Not going to happen in America.”  

. . .

K          “We live in a country with many, many, many rules and many, many, many laws, but we do not live in a country that believes in or adheres to the rule of law.”

J          “There is no law, there is only ideology.”

. . .

[See the e-commentary at Impeach Kavanaugh, Gorsuch and Barrett . . . For Perjury? For Not Good Behavior? (June 6, 2022) and Law Is Politics ; Politics Is Law (July 7, 2014) and four dozen other e-commentaries over the last two decades.]

Bumper stickers of the week:

We live in a country with many, many, many rules and many, many, many laws, but we do not live in a country that believes in or adheres to the rule of law.

There is no law, there is only ideology.

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