The U.S. Declares War On Germany, Europe, Russia And The Free World . . . Bank Of England Flops Then Flips . . . And The Supreme Beings Saunter Into Town (October 3, 2022)

. . .

J          “Just when I thought it was safe to exist.”

K          “Just when I thought I could rake a few leaves in peace.”

. . .

K          “The U.S. bombed or caused to be bombed or allowed to be bombed the Nordstream Pipelines.  That is an act of war against Germany and Russia and the world.  But the U.S. does not adhere to international law.  A NATO country attacked a NATO country.  What do they do with Article 5?”

J          “The U.S. bombed or caused to be bombed or allowed to be bombed the Nordstream Pipelines.  We agree.  Nothing big goes on here on Plant Earth without Uncle Sam making the decision or at least approving it.  The decision will be seen to be unwise.”   

. . .

K          “When former spook and torture monger John Brennan went on CNN to proclaim that Russia bombed itself, I knew beyond a reasonable doubt that the U.S. was in front of or at least behind the pipeline terrorism.”

. . .

K          “Late last week, some major over-leveraged British pension plans started to wobble which forced a diametric change in BoE policy within a few hours.”

J          “Those pesky ‘gilts’ misbehaving again.”

. . .

J          “And today the gang is collecting at the ‘judicial legislature’ on First First Street to impose their religion and ideology on the populace.”

K          “The Democrats are doing nothing to counterbalance the crusading Corporatists on the Court except bombarding me with e-mails demanding money and promising to do something about the Court.”

. . .

[See e-commentary.]

Bumper stickers of the week:

Bombs away

There is no law, there is only ideology

The real the purpose of NATO is to keep the “Russians out, Americans in, Germans down”.   British General Hasting Ismay

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