Russia:  Advancing To Paris; Retreating To Moscow (December 5, 2022)

. . .

K          “The propaganda machine occasionally spews what appears to be inconsistent messages.  According to one propagandist, the Russians are advancing to Paris.  According to another propagandist, the Russians are retreating to Moscow.  Perhaps a little inconsistent, someone might observe.”

J          “They are consistent.  The first message is designed to inculcate fear.  The second message is designed to instill hope.  They are all plays on emotion.  They are all part of the plan.”

K          “And nothing is designed to inspire thought and reflection.”

J          “By design, that is not the way it works.”

. . .

[See the e-commentary at NATO: Nations Aggressively Taking Over (March 31, 2014) (“If Bush can invade Iraq without any good reason, can Putin invade Ukraine without any good reason?”) and NATOExit? NATOExeunt? (July 4, 2016).]

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