The Two Great Geopolitical Elections:  China in 2014-15; Russia in 2022-23 (March 20, 2023)

. . .

K          “China in 2014 – 15.  Russia in 2022 – 23.”

J          “China won resoundingly.  Russia is losing convincingly.”

K          “China won resoundingly.  Russia is winning convincingly.  The U.S. lost astoundingly.  0 – 2 on the international stage.  Sad.  It did not have to be this way.”

. . .

K          “Not a person I have talked with over the last five years is even vaguely aware that in 2014 – 2015 the Chinese held a world-wide election to determine which countries sought to align with China via the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and which countries sought instead to align with the United States.”

J          “China won resoundingly.  Few realize it.  I get it.  We are in trouble.”

. . .

K          “World War E / World War III is forcing a world-wide ‘Oxford Union Debate’ with most the nations of the world surreptitiously slipping out through the ‘East’ (BRICS+ and OPEC+ and Shanghai Cooperation Organisation) door and repudiating the West.”

J          “Russia is losing.  The West is winning.  Look at the vote of the United Nations General Assembly a few weeks ago.”

K          “That’s the point.  On the record, the nations must capitulate and kowtow to the Evil Hegemon.  But look at their actions.  They are quietly realigning.  Actions, as they say, speak louder than words.  The payback fueled by simmering resentment in the next fifty years will be Hell.”   

. . .

[See “5 Reasons Why Much of the Global South Isn’t Automatically Supporting the West in Ukraine” by Krishen Mehta in “Globetrotter” dated February 24, 2023, “Global South resists pressure to side with West against Russia” by Vijay Prashad produced by “Globetrotter” dated February 25, 2023 and printed in “Asia Times”.]

[See the e-commentary at AIIB: China: 1; U.S.A. 0? (April 6, 2015), World War E Breeds Bretton Woods III;  BW II And The PetroDollar Will RIP? (March 14, 2022),  World War E Becomes World War III:  The West Versus The Rest:  Uni-Polar Versus Multi-Polar (March 28, 2022) and The War Between The Nation-States:  Architectonic And Tectonic Shifts In The World:  Getting Our Bearings In The Emerging World Order: Land And People And Resources Versus Fiat And Finance And Firearms (August 15, 2022).]

Bumper stickers of the week:

Dragon < Eagle > Bruin; Dragon + Bruin > Eagle; Eagle + Bruin > Dragon

War:  The only thing NOT made in China (Or is it?)

March 19 – 20, 2003 – U.S. attacks Iraq

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