“De-Dollarization” Is The Word Of The Week.  And The Development Of the Year. (April 24, 2023)

. . .

K          “‘De-dollarization’.  I cannot remember a time when one word has been bandied about in so many quarters by folks across the political spectrum who wonder if the post-1964 U.S. clad quarter will survive beyond the current quarter.  Everyone is in accord that there is a whole lot of de-dollarizing going on around the world today.”

J          “The change we will employ for our economic transactions may be changing, but I’m not sure what changes it will bring.”

. . .

J          “Saudi Arabia is considering accepting yuan instead of dollars for Chinese oil sales.  Saudi Arabia and Iran announced their intention to join BRICS.  China and Brazil entered into a renminbi-based trade deal.  I can’t disagree with you that the world is being rent in twain one agreement at a time.”

K          “The PetroDollar is the life blood of the economy.  Today.  Much of the rest of the world wants to change the international blood type and seeks not just a blood transfusion but a blood transfer.  The PetroDollar is backed by Fe and Pb but is losing that backing as the rest of the world gangs up to confront and rebut the Big Bully suggesting that they will employ Au and Ag.  And the Saudis are taking the ‘Petro’ out of the Secret Sauce.”

J          “The transition, like all transitions, is not likely to be seamless.  There will be unintended consequences, although it is hard right now to define specifically what the intended consequences are among the big players.  But the drift is clear.”

. . .

[Type in “De-dollarization” and be prepared to revisit and revise your world view.  See “Wait, The Dollar Won’t Die?” by Brent Johnson in an interview with Adam Taggart on “Wealthion” dated April 21, 2023 and “Dancing on the Brink” by John Michael Greer in “www.ecosophia.net” dated April 19, 2023.]

[See World’s Reserve Currency War I = Cold War 2.0 = WW III (?) (September 8, 2014), Plow Shares And Swords.  Oh, And Happy Memorial Day! (May 28, 2018) and other e-commentaries under the Category PetroDollar.]

Bumper stickers of the week:

De-dollarization, dude

“How did you go bankrupt?”  “Two ways.  Gradually, then suddenly.”  Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises.

“Collapse now and avoid the rush.”  John Michael Greer at www.ecosophia.net

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