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Globalization:  Colonization Without The Costs; Corporations Supplant Countries.  Oh, And Happy Bastille Day! (July 15, 2019)

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K          “Globalization is colonization without the costs with corporations supplanting countries.  Corporations reap all the benefits and pass all the costs onto the helpless consumers and the compliant governments of the effete countries.”

J          “Globalization is the Universal Business Plan.  I am not really a big fan of the Big Plan.”

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K          “Colonization is undertaken by a country taking over title to and possession of another country and subjugating if not formally enslaving the populace.  Formal slavery is no longer trendy, but informal servitude is almost universally tolerated.  And the primary international actor today is the corporation not the now somewhat obsolete but useful country/nation/state.  The government is the accepted tool for violence.”

J          “The government is also the whipping boy.  To date, the corporations do pay a pittance to the slaves/populace and then pass the cost of housing (HUD, etc.) and feeding (HEW, etc.) the slaves/populace to the government.  The actual cost to the corporations is cheaper than the cost of housing and feeding the slaves/populace directly.”

K          “And they do not want to take title to the property when they can otherwise control the property without paying any taxes on it.”

J          “And then the corporations refuse to pay the taxes to fund the government that is housing and feeding the slaves/populace.  The Universal Business Plan.  I am not a big fan.”

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K          “Britain is the most recent perpetrator of the colonization paradigm.  When the United States sought to depose Britain from the perch, the World War among the ‘Type A personality’ countries of Europe provided the cover and opening for the rest of the enslaved world to free themselves.  In Phase I of The War, Wilson was able to project American presence.  In Phase II of The War, Roosevelt was able to project American presence.  America is now the presence and is ever-present.  America has not colonized the world, America has globalized the world for the corporations that own America.”

J          “The old observation that it is easier to take by investment than invasion rings true.”

K          “And now much of the world and a few Empires manqué are challenging the hegemony of the Empire.  When the Empire’s creation and creature – the PetroDollar – and its Monopoly on the Money Window that makes change for the world – the SWIFT – are unseated, then it is game change and regime change.”

J          “And change is coming.”

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[See “How Wall Street Colonized the Caribbean” in the “Boston Review” by Peter James Hudson dated June 19, 2019.]

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Globalization Is Colonization Without The Costs With Corporations Supplanting Countries

Globalization Is Colonization Sans The Costs Con Corporations Supplanting Countries

Panda < Eagle > Bruin ; Panda + Bruin > Eagle

Divas And Divos At Davos (January 29, 2018)

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K          “I like their knife.”

J          “The common folk need a people’s Davos.”

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K          “The world is not flat.  From afar, it is a mysterious big blue marble with swirling white clouds.  Up close, it is one long unlevel playing field with all the big players playing a game with the little players.”

J          “When you think about it, ‘globalization’ is an anagram derived from neo-colonialism and neo-imperialism and neo-capitalism and neo-consumerism.”

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K          “When the one one-thousandths of one percent (.001 %) get together, you know they are up to no good.”

J          “They fix prices, but they do not fix problems.”

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K          “They say that a conspiracy is two or more people working together for one end.”

J          “My theory is that they are conspiring to put the fix on us.”

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[See the e-commentary at “Humanity’s Motto:  To Enslave And To Colonize (January 27, 2014)”, “The ‘Superfluous Consumer’ (July 27, 2015)” and “Is The American Consumer Irrelevant? (December 12, 2011)”.]

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“Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”