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A National Potassium Iodide Distribution Program? (September 26, 2022)

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K          “The Puppet In Chief Bideni and the Neo-Cons want to escalate World War E / III into a nuclear conflict.  They may get their way.  At a minimum, they should prepare the nation.  Biden has wasted billions and billions and billions and billions and billions of dollars on wasteful projects that have only driven up inflation.  He should task FEMA with providing every household with a supply of potassium iodide.”

J          “Putin wants to escalate matters into a nuclear conflict.  At least we agree that with a nuclear conflict on the horizon, it is time for a national potassium iodide distribution program.”

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J          “In 2020, the government had cloth face masks packaged and ready to be sent to every citizen, but Trumpi cancelled the program.  I hope the Smithsonian keeps one of the packages in its archives of Americana.”

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K          “The pharmaceutical industry will demand that potassium iodide be banned as a prophylactic and then offer a nearly identical synthetic drug at 500 times the price . . . and get the government to force everyone to use it.”

J          “The real surprise will come when some bureaucrat realizes that it is time to make an announcement to the public to begin the first dose of potassium iodide . . . and the public response is . . . ‘Take what?’ or ‘Say what?’.”

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[See the e-commentary at Washington Wants War In The Worst Way:  Dust Off The IOSAT Or Return To The Status Quo Ante Bellum? (January 24, 2022).]

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