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A Tête-à-Tête On Tats (December 1, 2014)

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. . .

1          “I do not get it.”

2          “You’re too old.”

1          “I get it.”

. . .

1          “This old futbal coach would ask whether you were drunk or just stupid.  Coach’s sentiments still animate this old boy.  I always thought you had to be a soldier, sailor, carny or criminal.  Today, soccer moms sport ink.”

2          “There may be nothing left for the young to rebel against.  Long hair?  Shaved head?  Shabby threads?  Flashy clothes?  Everything has been done or not done or undone.  What do you do or not do?”

1          “Perhaps the ultimate form of rebellion is to rebel against the rebels.”

. . .

1          “Some may want to proclaim that things were not copacetic at home.  I am not objective about it, but I maintain that I have been an avuncular uncle who has been dismissed unfairly by my nephew.  Is that grounds for me to toy with a tat?”

2          “‘Nephew’s a brat; I got a tat.’  For me, I do not deserve a tat because my parents were not bad people, but they warrant one: ‘Our son was a dishonor student’ or even something more candid.”

. . .

2          “If a person defaces something, the authorities will come down on him or her.  If a person even makes a face, the authorities will come down on him or her.  Yet a person is still free to deface – or perhaps debody – himself or herself without legal consequence.  The last unregulated canvas of personal expression.”

1          “Dubbing it a ‘tramp stamp’ is revealing.  Hiding it is also revealing.  Are the public messages a threatening signal to the public to get away and leave them alone?  Are they trying to make themselves unemployable?  That is a way of letting others know that you want to be left alone.”

2          “They may be art works akin to cave paintings that one sports and transports.  An epidermal bulletin board for personal expression.”

1          “Don’t get me wrong.  I am all about the First Amendment and restraining government interference.  At times, however, social restraint and individual self-control are appropriate.  You do not always have to do what you are free to do.  What happens when you change your mind?”

. . .

1          “You?”

2          “It isn’t me.  Mom knows that she is my anchor.  Plus I don’t deserve it.”

1          “Getting old?”

2          “Gettin’ there.”

. . .

1          “The next great fortune will be made by someone who creates a tattoo removal technique and then patents and franchises it.”

2          “Open the tattoo removal shop next to the tattoo parlor.  ‘Tats Rn’t Us’ next door to ‘Tats R Us’.”

1          “The tattoo puller next to the tattoo pusher.”

. . .

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