The Year Past (January 2, 2006)

One of last year’s predictions was flat wrong – the Euro went sideways, not up, relative to the dollar.  That means that Europe went sideways, not up.  That is not good.  Untethering the Yuan, albeit slightly, in July was critical; the Yuan must be free to go up or down or sideways.  The dollar must remain free to go down to balance the trade deficit.  The National Debt broke 8 Trillion and continues to skyrocket.  The Crusade in Iraq is a continuing failure.  We as a planet celebrated the second anniversary of Bush’s declaration of World War III on March 19.  The battlefield is now the entire planet; there is no plan and no end in sight.  The Downing Street Memo released in The Sunday Times on May 1 confirmed that the entire Crusade was premised on a lie; May 1 is “Law Day” which is a day to reflect on our heritage of liberty, justice and equality under the law and the rule of law in a democracy; the Sunday Times article was overlooked or disregarded by almost every American commentator.  The cesspool of corruption fomented by the Republicans now has some citizens scratching their heads and wondering whether we should return to a two party political system; it has served as a check and provided balance even though it is not written into the Constitution.  The conquest of the Supreme Court began as promised.  Activist conservative Supreme Court justices will reward the president who appointed them with a blank check to establish a Supreme Emperor.  When called upon, the Supremes will reciprocate again and appoint a Republican president.  Smiles mask lies.  A federal government designed not to respond to major disasters such as the Hurricanes this summer will not be able to respond to major disasters.  The response to Katrina and kin was intentional not unwitting.  A federal judge in Pennsylvania appointed by Bush of all people provided a flicker of hope when he observed that intelligent design has no place in the classroom.  Harold Pinter discussed the lack of truth in politics in his Nobel acceptance speech.  Those who were confident that Bubble Boy was monitoring their conversations remain convinced that he is monitoring them.  What else is he doing to us?  There is a new Pope.  And Terry Schiavo, RIP.

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