The Residue of Unrelenting Fear: PTSD Afflicts The Populace (August 28, 2006)

“Which is worse, ignorance or apathy,” the lad asked.  “I don’t know and I don’t care,” he responded.  “The only response is to not think and to not feel,” he proposed.  Bush’s observation that his war is “straining the American psyche” is observant.  Bush’s power springs from his ability to keep the public in a constant state of fear and dread and anxiety.  Bush is terrorizing the populace.  The fear paralyzes thought and stifles dissent.  If the restive public is given a rest, it may reflect.  Bush will proudly proclaim that America is at war as he lifts off from the White House lawn in Marine Corps One in January, 2009.  His war; his legacy.  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder now afflicts the populace not just tens of thousands of returning vets.  Roosevelt’s perspective on fear itself and his reassurances to the public are the marks of a true leader.  The world needs hope not fear.

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