Hurricane Kate (September 4, 2006)

Living for even just a month in the French Quarter is much more vibrant than a year existing in suburbia.  Music, lights, crowds, crawdads, irregular hours.  A situational ethical perspective is the prevailing ethical standard, and not many situations arise that appear to require one to act ethically.  At least everyone knows the rules.  Still not sure what to make of The Confederacy of Dunces even after reading it in country.  One must wonder whether the response and recovery would be underway if the National Guards were around to guard the nation.  [See the e-ssay dated May 2, 2005 entitled “Ohio – Not Forgettin’ Ohio: The Battleground State Battles On.”]  What if 25,000 troops from LA, MS, AB, TX and FL could have been deployed for one year to restore and rebuild the region?  They would have been embraced with open arms and could have begun the reconstruction of basic services.  They should be rebuilding Biloxi not hiding in Baghdad.  Cities and democracies are not really built as much as they emerge.  What will emerge is not clear.  Will there be much noticeable difference in five years?         

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