Less Government Regulation Series: Motorcycle Helmets (June 15, 2009)

There is something invigorating about open cockpit flying even if only in two dimensions.  Hitting the open road is liberating and rewarding; hitting the open road is also debilitating and punishing.  Donning a “brain bucket” or “skid lid” should be as natural and normal as wearing one’s Schott or Langlitz jacket.

Too many young guys transition in a few seconds from tandem wheels fore and aft underneath them to parallel wheels port and starboard on their sides.  So many of those who are injured are young and reckless and unaware of their mortality or crippled mortality.  We need them to be active in our society.  We need them to ride a motorcycle not roll a wheel chair.

Those who actually ride a chrome pony seem to have more credibility on the subject.  Those who care for those who are injured on motorcycles also have a say and some insight.  Talk, really talk, to the kids who have been mangled and burrow beneath and beyond the macho and the veiled rationalizations and defenses.

Should it be an individual choice?  Sure would like it to be an individual choice.  Too many people who don’t have the best judgment or even a handle on their own affairs are quick to tell others what to do and how to live.

Regulation of motorcycle helmets is done at the state level.  There are many different laws.  Should there be federal regulations?  There are a lot of federal regulations.  If I were God for a day:  The filthy, nasty, officious State should require everyone to wear a motorcycle helmet as a matter of law.  And I do hate to be told what to do.

The majority of motorcyclists who would not release the clutch lever without first sporting a helmet are rationally and passionately opposed to mandatory helmet laws.

Bumper stickers of the week:

Watch for motorcycles

Ride to live; Live to ride


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