The Play For Our Age (June 8, 2009)

The play to define and describe our generation is set in a mock up of a blighted and unkempt McMansion surrounded by an unlandscaped dirt yard.  The first floor is exposed on the stage, the basement is below and out of sight, and the second floor is partially revealed.  Each floor is stratified by age – the grandparents hide upstairs, the parents cope on the first floor, and the children/grandchildren exist in the basement and escape through their own side stairwell.

No generation can afford to live in the cave alone.  The grandparents cannot afford any end-of-life convalescent care and must pass away at home.  The parents transition from periods of employment to underemployment to unemployment and back.  The kids cannot find steady employment and work part-time and odd jobs to contribute some rent.

The dialogue revolves around and keeps returning to the elusive American Dream and the ever-present American Reality.  (Insert here:  Witty and mordant asides, pithy and painful dialogue and trenchant and truculent commentary.  Use incidents, comments and details to reveal and elucidate Truth.)

[See the “e-ssay” dated April 24, 2006 entitled “McMansions and the (Extended) Family of Tomorrow.”]

Bumper sticker of the week:

Life in the land of the freeway and the home of the Wave

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