Consume, Don’t Invest? (Nov. 9, 2009)

We have been consuming far too much for far too long.  And now someone is saying that we should start consuming more?

Homes are amassed as investments.  (“We will double our money in three years.”)  Wine, etc. is acquired because it is a good play.  (“These bottles will pay off big time at maturity.”)  Art is not art because it is artistic, it is art because someone will part with more money for it.  (“I hadn’t heard of him either, but it will only go up in value especially when he dies.  . . .   Frankly, I don’t like his stuff either.”)

Seems that one should pick up a home to provide comfortable and affordable living space.  Purchase wine to enjoy.  Collect art to delight, shock, evoke, challenge, inspire, threaten, entertain, etc.

Consume responsibly; invest wisely.

Bumper stickers of the week:

Work, Buy, Consume, Die.         Why?

Home appreciated home.

A home to inhabit, wine to imbibe, art to admire.

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