Domestic Economic Terrorism and National Security (Nov. 23, 2009)

. . .

“Their secret badge gives them away.  They sport the tell-tale ‘White Bling-Bling’ – the porcelain American flag on their blue serge suits.”

“And are themselves among the most vocal boosters of the ‘war on terror.’”

“They really are the economic terrorists.  And irony is not their strong suit.  I never fail to be amazed that the economic terrorists are roaming freely within our borders.  Their economic shenanigans produce absolutely no real economic, financial and/or fiscal benefit of any kind for anyone but themselves.”

“Look at it from their perspective.  They acquire a thriving company created and developed by others over years or decades, loot any funds for themselves, vest it with unbearable debt, fire the employees and ramble on to the next victim.  You have to admit that they are doing something.”

“There is no justification, no explanation, no rationale, and no excuse for their activities.  They steal from the public and ultimately loot the public fisc.  Can you name three individuals who have legitimately made a fortune in the last decade?”

“By name?”

“The robber barons of old actually produced something.  They produced a railroad or a newspaper or a steel plant and then endowed a university and a foundation.  Today’s economic terrorists are above the law because they own those who make the laws and those who interpret and enforce the laws.  The profitable universities exist to vet and supply obedient new recruits.  The Nobel Committee awards their mathematical sophistry.  The federal government rewards and bribes and bails out the players at every turn.  Everything is working against us.”

“And there is nothing you can do about it.  Nothing.”

“There are at least six major cavils with their exploits.  These economic terrorists threaten the efforts of generations of Americans who worked and sacrificed to:

form a more perfect Union,

establish Justice,

insure domestic Tranquility,

provide for the common defense,

promote the general Welfare, and

secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

“And thwart the pursuit of happiness.”

“That too.  Willfully destroying the American economy is also willfully destroying America.  That is a threat to American security.  That is treason.”

. . .

[See the “e-ssay” dated Nov. 27, 2006 entitled “Higher Education Tomorrow” discussing the pipeline of privileged kids pouring into I (investment) banking, the “e-ssay” dated Feb. 23, 2009 entitled “Close the Harvard Business School,” the “e-ssay” dated Oct. 6, 2009 entitled “Skip the Nobel in Economics?,” and the “e-ssay” dated Feb. 9, 2009 entitled “1000 AUSAs” suggesting that a return to the rule of law or a turn to the rule of law is warranted.  That will require the courts to issue many warrants.  The other “e-ssays” collected under the “Categories” for “Economics” and “Federal Reserve” among others provide additional pieces of the puzzle.]

Take it easy Thursday.

Bumper stickers of the week:

Support the “War on Terror”: Indict an Economic Terrorist

Better to know the judge and to own the lawmakers than to know the law and adhere to it.

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