Who Cares About Health Care? (Feb. 22, 2010)

. . .

Z          “No one.  Think about it.  Everyone gets free health care today.  They just follow Bush’s suggestion and wander into the emergency room.  An emergency room is not designed to handle the consequences of deferred preventive medicine and other ordinary medical needs, yet the e.r. is the dumping grounds for the populace.  When the patients cannot pay, they file bankruptcy.  Then we pay.  We have inefficient and inequitable socialized and nationalized health care right now in America.  The coverage is codified in Title 11, the Bankruptcy Code, rather than Title 42, covering Public Health and Social Welfare, in the United States Code.”

Y          “So the real economic cost to the nation as a whole is not much more and not much less than the health care proposals.”

Z          “Not when you net all the costs.  Efficient health care is critical to the health of the nation, yet the public really does not care.  Right now, everyone wants a job to go to during the day and a house to come home to at night.  What is happening outside the house to the climate and the environment is not an immediate concern.  Health care, the national Debt and other issues are secondary.”

Y          “The people are still afraid and concerned, yet they are overwhelmed by the lies and the deception.”

. . .

Bumper sticker of the week:

Streamline national health insurance

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