Only If They Bleed Red (March 1, 2010)

. . .

“White and blue.  Those in the military who do not have problems with their own sexuality do not care about gays in the military.  So many of those now in the military overcame hurdles and discrimination themselves.  One approach is to admit that a small cohort of individuals have sexual anxieties that render them psychologically unfit to be in the same fox hole with other Americans.  Those are the misfits who jeopardize readiness.  The military may be excluding the wrong group.”

“We need the A Team.  America is being threatened like it has never been threatened before.  I’m more concerned that the US cannot disregard valuable personnel.  If we need a gay interpreter to win, get the gay interpreter and win.  But win.  Just win.”

“Blood testing is part of the induction process.  Those who enlist in the military or, in later years, are drafted should be tested and inducted only if they bleed red.”

. . .

(O’Bama, the only adult in the room, presided last week as babysitter-in-chief over a group of spoiled children who do not ‘play well with others’ and should be allowed to retire.)

Bumper sticker of the week:

Only if they bleed red.

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