U.S.A. 1945 – 2005 R.I.P. (August 16, 2010)

. . .

K          “The last three score years have been a remarkable run in the history of mankind.  Sixty years of unprecedented growth and prosperity in America.  The Great Expansion was unique because the bounty was spread widely among the American populace.  The Middle Class was created in a young country built by indentured servants, former serfs and slaves.  Yet things have been declining particularly during the Decadent Decade.”

J          “Look at the score.  There are too many strip malls, too many strip mines and too many strip joints.”

K          “During that period of time, the America Experiment transitioned from a Republic to an Empire and is now transitioning to a post-Empire nation in a world of other rising powers and the emerging megamonopower in China.”

J          “America transitioned from a country to a market and from a search for the public weal to the aggregation of private wealth.  More affluence has only lead to more effluence.  A new pill that supplants natural processes and possibly saves a few hundred lives is produced in a factory that maims, cripples and kills thousands downstream from the outflow.  Prosperity came at a great cost.”

K          “We went to the Moon in ’69.  Geopolitics aside, that was quite a feat with many ancillary benefits.”

J          “And back on Earth the next year we challenged the assumptions and consequences on Earth Day.”

K          “Thinking progressed.”

J          “We conquered consumption, yet consumption conquered us.  We as a society need an antibiotic to protect us against our consuming consumption.  Those who say that small is beautiful today are not proclaiming a goal but rather are predicting the future.  But we as a country will not voluntarily downsize, we will be downsized.”

K          “Americans have not had to deal with any privation and are not emotionally prepared to deal with declining economic opportunity.  When we were prosperous, we were generous; as America’s fortunes decline, we are becoming hard-fisted and mean spirited.  The next decade will be ugly.”

J          “America’s military mission will need to downsize significantly to follow America’s changing role and options.  The real battle continues today on the battlefield of global climate change.”

. . .

Bumper stickers of the week:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Question consumption

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