On The Vernal Equinox (March 21, 2011)

. . .

A1       “The equinox is the ‘equal night day.’  The science jocks contend that the equinox is the time when the sun crosses the equator and creates a night and thus a day of equal length.  Another marker from the Heavens of an ending and of a beginning.  Winter is going.  Summer is coming.”

A2       “And another biathlon season is going.  Hard to fault an event that mixes cross country skiing and target shooting.  The biathlete in the long race skis 5 kilometres and then takes a bout of 5 shots at metal targets from the prone position with a .22 long rifle round.  And then skis another 5 klicks before taking another bout of 5 shots from the standing position.  And then skis another 5 klicks before repeating it again.  The heart pounds and sounds like a Pfaff sewing machine wired to 220 volts.”

A1       “Always seems akin to boxing one round and then playing the violin and then boxing one round and then playing the violin and repeating it again.”

A2       “The perfect outlet for rambunctious Buddhists.”

A1       “Chess boxing.  That is the real thing.  And you can participate year round.”

A2       “Buddhists don’t usually box.  And a real winter event requires snow.  And atonement.  A missed target must be ‘atoned for’ by either skiing a penalty lap or taking a time penalty.  Miss a penalty loop and you are disqualified; miscount and ski any extra penalty loop and you are lost.  As usual, the one who spends the least time on the trail and at the range prevails.  Time to put up the skis and lock up the gun and transition to God’s game.”

A1       “Soccer is a great workout, yet it does allow for idle hands.”

A2       “That is where women’s lacrosse comes into play.  The women’s game remains true to the original rules of America’s first sport.  The women’s game is poetry.  The men’s game is doggerel prose.  Both are demanding and fast-paced.”

A1       “Helmets or no helmets?”

A2       “They should require helmets for women.  The game requires one to use one’s head which should be protected.”

A1       “And despite all the rapid social and cultural changes, you can play the traditional and timeless co-ed inner tube water polo year round.”

. . .

[See the “e-ssay” titled “Less Government Regulation Series: Motorcycle Helmets (June 15, 2009).”]

Bumper stickers of the week:

Co-ed inner tube water polo rules

Idle hands and feet are the devil’s workshop.

The Equinox is a time of equanimity

Compost . . . because a rind is a terrible thing to waste

Spring bird musings:

Songs – to breed (to attract a mate)

Calls – to communicate (to repel a transgressor, usually)

Song – “Over here, baby.”

Call  –   “Go away, Jack.”

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