Is College Worthless? (July 25, 2011)

. . .

_          “Kinda.  In the past, a college graduate acquired more money and flashed a brighter smile.  For most kids today, it is four years of fun and play.  A sheep skin really only signals that the bearer attended a summer sleep-away camp during the fall, winter and spring seasons for a few seasons.”

_          “Employing a generous standard, perhaps ten percent of the kids actually acquire something tantamount to a “college education” in college.”

_          “The economy has upped the bar.  Ninety percent of the college graduates are not employed in college-level jobs because they are college graduates but not college-level employees.  Viewed with some perspective, everything is in balance except our unreasonable expectations.”

_          “When you think about it, wouldn’t you party all night if you had no tomorrow?”

. . .

_          “When the federal government began making college loans freely available, the cost of college schooling exploded.  A college may aspire to liberate one’s mind, but it enslaves one’s body and spirit.  The lucky graduates leave as indentured servants, the unlucky ones as debt serfs and slaves.  The only out is to enlist in the military.  Is that the plan?  Think about it.”

_          “And by statute, a student loan obligation is not a dischargeable debt when one files bankruptcy.  But doesn’t a constitutional provision trump a conflicting statute?”

_          “That’s what they say.”

_          “What about the 13th Amendment prohibition on slavery?”

. . .

_          “The greatest constitutional challenge in academia today is dealing with the cohort of male applicants who are significantly less prepared and talented than the cohort of female applicants.  Can a university elect to maintain an equal number of boys and girls and accept a marked disparity in abilities and possibilities within a class?”

_          “The most talented and most desired female applicants may elect to matriculate at a university that maintains a balanced portfolio of males and females.  To attract the elite women, a university may be compelled to admit even more less qualified males to maintain a balance in the entering class.”

_          “Remember in the old days when there were single gender schools and an opposite single gender school situated down the road.”

. .  .

_          “Why not award every citizen a Ph.D. in any field upon reaching the age of 18.  And of course award everyone a Selective Service card.”

_          “The Adult Entitlement Act of 2012 will save billions.  In the legislation, the Department of Education can be renamed the Department of Schooling or the Department of Credentialing.”

_          “We need a little something for everyone.  Academia is more interested in credentials than ideas.  Double the number of degrees currently sported by each professor by fiat.” 

. . .

_          “Society does not have the resources to indulge the current college extravaganza.  No one should be admitted to college until the age of 20.  Everyone should work at something for two years as an intern, in the civilian conservation corps, even in the military or at some other endeavor.  At that time in their lives, kids need a more productive emancipation from home and a swifter introduction to the real world at less social cost.  By the age of 20, both males and females have much more perspective and maturity.  They can use their earnings or learning chits for education or for some other endeavor.”

_          “Kids must learn how to get out of bed on time before they can learn.”

_          “And learn to cease texting while at the morning staff meeting.  Traditional college attendance would decline.  The dorms could be used to house a mix of college students and kids pursuing their Big Transition and senior citizens and others in need of housing.”

_          “And perhaps the number of qualified males will balance the number of qualified females.”

. . .

Bumper stickers of the week:

Go College

Phil O. Sophistry, B.A., B.A., M.A., M.A., Ph.D, Ph.D., B.M.F., B.M.F.

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