Iraq: AGFPT. Iran: AGFPT II? (January 2, 2012)

. . .

S          “Most members of the uniformed military are leaving Iraq, but America is never leaving Iraq.”

T          “The troops may only be able to take a two week R & R before invading Iran.”

S          “The American populace simply wanted and wants the Iraq quagmire to disappear.  Everyone in positions of influence dutifully obliged and rarely brought it up.  The invisible war.  Out of sight; out of mind.”

T          “Those in power in America seem inclined to maintain at least two wars.  Where next?  Iraq was and is America’s Greatest Foreign Policy Travesty, yet the failure can still be topped.”

S        “Will anyone remember?  Will anyone learn?  History is being written not by historians but by publicists and spin doctors.”

T          “Everything about the invasion was a lie.  Who realizes that the surge was not a surge of troops but rather a splurge of bribes to buy a temporary cessation of violence?  When the funds disappeared, the violence returned.”  

S          “To his credit, Bush seemed to learn something from the Iraq nightmare and didn’t invade Iran and trigger World War III.  It looked close for a few years.”

T          “That could have emerged as the new AGFPT.  However, Iran sporting nuclear weapons is not a pretty sight.  The sanctions sound tidy and elegant, yet they may be as provocative as a missile strike.  The major nations have engaged in clear acts of war.  And no one in power has adequately described America’s fundamental national interests in the region.”

S          “There should be a serious national debate before embarking on World War III.”

. . .

[O’Bama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2012.  His signing statements will not bind or limit future presidents.  See the “e-ssays” titled “Vaclav Havel – Plato’s “Playwright President” (December 19, 2011)“, “Republicans are Enemy Combatants? (May 10, 2010)” and “Gun Control, NRA Style (January 9, 2006).”]   

Bumper sticker of the week:

The “Dirty Half Dozen.”  Let’s never forget:  George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith

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