Boxing Day (December 26, 2011)

. . .

B          “On this day, the servants were allowed to use the discarded gift boxes from the previous day’s festivities to take some of the leftovers home.”

C          “The genesis of recycling.  I thought it also refers to the fights that break out when consumers brawl for gifts to continue the holiday celebration.  Like fisticuffs for sneakers.  Bare-knuckled negotiations to acquire something to cover one’s feet.”

B          “The Boxing Day model is a private sector approach, yet only a few lucky souls benefit.  We as a society cannot any longer create the conditions to allow everyone to work.  And we cannot continue to provide government payments to those who are not working.  And we cannot rely on private charity, even with substantial tax deductions for the contributions, to provide for those who are not working.  And we cannot not do something for those who are not working.”

C          “Cut defense spending on the hundreds of frivolous boondoggles that do not contribute to our national defense.”

B          “That is part of the solution.  We are in a box.  The best the ‘best’ can do is counsel us to ‘think outside the box’ without even understanding why we are boxed in by our limited resources.”

. . .

Bumper sticker of the week:

Sit long, talk much, laugh a lot

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