Boycott (Advertisers On) AM (Anger Mongering) Radio (March 5, 2011)

. . .

C1          “Rather than getting the government into the business of regulating evil, vile and loathsome speech, let the citizens decide.”

C2          “I plan to design an easily remembered website providing an updated list of the names of the advertisers on AM (Anger Mongering) radio and television programs.”

C1          “Don’t buy the products or services.  e-mail your friends and neighbors with reminders not to buy the products or services.  Create something creative to spread the word on the net and design it to go viral.  If it does not go viral, try again.  Viral is virile.  Create a contest for the cleverest post.”

C2          “And tell the companies why you are not buying their stuff by writing a short e-mail note to the “Contact Us” address at the company website.  Make it a regular part of your daily routine.  Make a difference.  Make the airwaves safe for reasoned debate.”

. . .

[See for an example.]

Bumper stickers of the week:

Boycott (Advertisers On) Hate Radio

Vote with your dollars

Lapel sticker of the week:

I boycotted _______ .  Ask me why.  [Fill in the product]

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