Mitt’s “Destructive Destruction”: The Bane of Capitalism (July 9, 2012)



. . .

J1          “Facts are facts.  Mitt never created jobs in America.  He destroyed jobs in America.  Mitt never created wealth.  He expropriated wealth.  Some call it ‘creative destruction.’  It is not ‘creative destruction.’  It is ‘destructive destruction.’  Let’s call it what it is.”

J2          “Seems to me that if you acquire a company with one thousand employees with borrowed money you do not intend to pay back and fire four hundred employees, you have not created six hundred jobs.  The risk-taking entrepreneur who worked late and on weekends thirty years ago to build the business and expand to one thousand employees created one thousand jobs.  Mitt is part of the problem, not part of the solution.  But journalists can’t say that.”

J1          “I know.  I understand.”

J2          “Then you are not a journalist.”

J1          “I can live with that.  But I still maintain there should be a decennial Pulitzer awarded for Truth.  And an occasional Nobel in economics awarded to someone who knows something about economics.”

. . .

Bumper stickers of the week:

Bain Capital – the bane of capitalism

Eviscerating America is not building America

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