Tax Bullets (January 7, 2013)

. . .

GO1     “I have visited a gun store every few days.  They are flying off the shelves.  And not guns for personal protection, target shooting or hunting.”

GO2     “The NRA is a terrorist organization that lobbies for gun manufacturers and terrorizes legislators.  We need a new organization, the NGO, the National Gun Owners organization, to represent gun owners not gun manufacturers and to keep guns in the hands of normal persons and out of the hands of psychos.”

GO1     “With a one hundred year supply of guns and a five year supply of bullets, restrict access to bullets.  We subsidize what we like and tax what we don’t like.  Others have noted that we should tax bullets.”

GO2     “The Constitution does not recognize any underlying right to keep and bear bullets or limit the governments’ ability to restrict access to bullets.  And Congress has almost unfettered authority to tax.”

GO1     “The government should place a huge tax on .223s that are used in assault rifles, a moderate tax on other calibers, and no tax on .22s.  I have shot over 20,000 rounds of .22s and about 500 rounds of other than .22 caliber rounds.  Almost all indoor and outdoor target rifles and pistols use .22s.  Most automatic pistols can be modified to shoot .22s so that a person can practice with the pistol using a cheaper round.”

GO2     “Sounds reasonable.”

GO1     “Won’t go anywhere, but it is worth a shot.”

. . .

GO2     “The gun buyback programs should set up a review process so that any gun that is rare, novel or historical is made available for purchase by individuals who pass background checks.”

GO1     “Finding volunteers who know the history of guns would be easy.”

. . .

[GO1 = Gun Owner 1; GO2 = . . . ]

[See the “e-ssays” titled A Taxing Explanation (August 22, 2011) for some perspective on the current tax challenges, O’Bama Arming Industry (November 22, 2010) on gun purchases and One Gun Per White Adult Male? A Flintlock Musket? The “One Man, One Gun” Decision (October 4, 2010) on the legal framework of gun regulation.]

Bumper stickers of the week:

If you need ten rounds to kill a deer, take up tiddlywinks

You know, cigarettes are getting so expensive that I just might have to give them up.

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