Artistes And Integrity (July 29, 2013)

. . .

A          “At first, I assumed and hoped that he had been misquoted.  But if the quotation is correct, he is admitting that he devised his writing to satiate his audience and make a buck.  Leaves you wondering if everything he wrote is a sham or just a by-product of a focus group.”

. . .

B          “Written interviews are sketchy at best.  The interviewer is too much of a gatekeeper.  A filmed interview of a person reveals tone, pacing, inflection, visual cues, and other information and insight.”

. . .

A          “I saw it too and wondered if he dismissed the earlier song as too maudlin or unhip, yet he discounted it as pandering at the time.  Perhaps he was candid.  He could have said that he has grown.”

B          “More cynical?  Leaves you wondering if he even really knows what he really thinks.”

. . .

A          “He was not misquoted and does not seem to care.”

B          “I doubt that he will give refunds to those who feel deceived.”

. . .

A          “Every aspiring author seeks to secure that elusive book contract, yet a book contract is essentially a contract for indentured servitude.  The book company owns the author.”

. . .

A          “An enchanting song is a poem that has taken flight.  I am somewhat indifferent to his songs but impressed that everyone who commented about the concert last month was delighted that he gave everything to his audience.  That is commendable and worth commendation.”

. . .   

Bumper sticker of the week:

Ars longa, vita brevis

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