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I Spy, You Spy, They Spy (October 28, 2013)

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A          “Remember back in the halcyon days of 2002 when everyone proclaimed that surely the government was not spying on fellow Americans.”

B          “September 11, 2001 may have been the pivotal day.  Ineptitude and incompetence gave way to fear and folly.  Increased spying is no surprise.  And yet now everyone is surprised.”

A          “And I was deemed paranoid because I knew they were gathering data on us.”

B          “It is not paranoia if they are really after you.”

A          “They were after us.  Every instinct informed me that we were being monitored.”

B          “So many government officials in the know knowingly lied in various forums including some under oath and averred that there was no spying.  Many of those who testified agreed to tell ‘the whole truth’ and did not tell the whole truth.”

A          “I realize that we as a people have always been placing an ear up to a door to snatch a snippet of conversation, yet now there are no restraints.”

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A/B       “Are we safer?”

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Bumper sticker of the week:

“Snowden is a traitor.  Stop spying on me.”

The Boycott App (October 21, 2013)

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1          “A boycott is a way of doing something more than just stewing or whining.  Stand for something; join a sit-in.”

2          “A boycott is about personal responsibility in action rather than inaction.”

1          “Boycotting one thing usually means supporting another thing.  We should boycott everything from “water” to “food” to “banks.”  Boycott “Facebook” and “Red America” and “America” itself.  And of course, AM (Anger Mongering) Radio.” 

2          “Accurate information is the key and the great challenge.”

1          “And of course boycott the Olympic boycott.  Check out the Buycott application at  Other sites may provide more perspective.”

2          “Dollars are votes in the marketplace.  Provide accurate information and let the individual decide.” 

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Bumper stickers of the week:

Boycott and buycott

Boycott today!


Columbus And The Redskins (October 14, 2013)

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1          “Columbus Day lands at a fortuitous time between Labor Day and Veteran’s Day and keeps the steady cycle of holidays and spending sprees rolling along.”

2          “The summer, 2014 lines of consumer goods and bads have already been rolled out at a few malls.”

1          “We are mauled at the malls.  And the day arrives just in time for the great debate over the team’s name.”

2          “The name is not used disparagingly.  The name is part of the tradition and history and culture of the team.  Leave it.  Address real problems.”

1          “Western man invaded the continent and used a great Zamboni moving from east to west to scrape the Natives off their land and deposit them on patches of unproductive dirt.  And then we use a term to refer to the dispossessed that is not endearing.”

2          “And introduced germs and genocide.  And grew the gross domestic product of the newly formed United States of America by stealing land from the Red man and liberty from the Black man.  All true and all troubling.  Yet the name is positive in context and has positive connotations in practice.” 

1          “The individuals who dislike the use of the name are organized and zealous.  Those who like or tolerate the name are not organized and may not be as passionate.  The vocal group will compel a change in the next few years.”

2          “Seems to me that we need to pause, catch our breath and reflect on what really matters.”

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Bumper stickers of the week:

Go Redskins

Go Skins

Immanentizing The Eschaton: Your Supreme Court And The Great Religious War (October 7, 2013)

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L1        “The Supreme Court is engaged in a war between those who do not want to allow others to immanentize the eschaton and those who do want to allow others to immanentize the eschaton.”

L2        “I’ve said that many times.  The five rich White boys – Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Kennedy – have already immanentized the eschaton and do not want anyone else except those like them to immanentize the eschaton.”

L1        “They are the Catholic Squad.”

L2        “And the four others also have immanentized the eschaton and yet do want everyone else to be able to immanentize the eschaton.”

L1        “Exactly.  They are the Jewish Squad.  Sotamayer developed concern for the health and welfare of others in her youth and did not immanentize the eschaton until adulthood, so she caucuses with the Jewish Squad.  The Jewish “Big E” Eschaton itself shapes the attitude toward its immanentization.  This life may not be a dress rehearsal.”

L2        “At core, the war at the Supreme Court really is a great religious war.”

. . .

L1        “They are out in left field honing their short game.”

L2        “Yet there are some Catholics who do want to allow others to immanentize the eschaton.  Just none of the current Supreme Beings.”

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Bumper stickers of the week:

“In a recent series of Pushitzer prize winning articles, ‘El Diablo Times Bugle Leader Follower Post Pre Clarion’ reports that after each one took of them took the ultimate senior status and appeared before an even more Supreme Being, Johnny, Tony, Clarence, Sammy and Tony II each were sent straight to the mines with no health or safety apparatus, no lunch breaks, no overtime pay, no air conditioning and no law clerks – none – to bail them out.”

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“Your surprise is not surprising.  We see that reaction all the time.”  “As you know, we did not even entertain the existence of such an ultimate reality.  And a room with a view and room service.  Just because we lead a virtuous life.”  “Indeed.  Really, it’s quite simple.  From our perspective, we look at how you live your life not what you profess to believe.  And perforce, as you know, we know everything.”