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Pay Your Bills, Bundy! (April 28, 2014)

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C1          “Pay up and shut up.”

C2          “I agree.  Pay his bill.  It is that simple.  There are too many freeloaders and dead beats in American today.”

C1          “This entitlement mentality is getting way out of control.”

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C1          “Lincoln’s dad was one of the first real estate property developers who cleared land and put up rail fences for folks.  Young Lincoln interned for his dad and helped with the work.”

C2          “The picture of him splitting rails was a crowd pleaser in his election campaigns.”

C1          “That experience shaped him as he moved with the land clearing business from Kentucky to Illinois.  When he was President, Lincoln signed the Homestead Act right in the middle of the Civil War in 1862 also being fought in part over land.  The legislation gave land taken from the locals folks without just compensation to immigrants who were given an opportunity to prove up the land.  A guy like Cliven Bundy or his predecessors was given free land for a little healthy outside work.”

C2          “The Bureau of Land Management is the nation’s realtor and oversees the public land not dedicated to more specific purposes.  Too many property owners who abut BLM property feel entitled to use our property for free.”

C1          “The Park Service still wears military uniforms that reflect the early days when they were engaged in combative confrontations with belligerent individuals who felt entitled to all the public land.”

C2          “If Cliven does not like BLM policy, he can write his congressman to change the law.  Congress sets public land policy.”

C1          “Or he can run for Congress.  Put up or shut up.”

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C2          “Sterling revealed himself in private.  The government cannot and should not be able to use in court any testimony obtained if an individual has a reasonable expectation of privacy.  However, the public is free to evaluate any statement made by an individual in the court of public opinion even if the individual did not intend to be candid.”

C1          “Candid comments have the benefit of being candid.  He could have shut up.  Now he needs to ‘fess up.”

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Bumper stickers of the week:

A sense of entitlement manifests itself in so many subtle ways.

Don’t judge me by what I say or by what I do

As we approach the post-O’bama era, America is still a pre-racial country.

Bundy / Sterling in 2016.  For No Change

Unionizing Athletes And Adjuncts (And Sherpas) (April 21, 2014)

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1          “They say you need three things to run a college:  sex for the students, tenure for the faculty and football for the alumni.”

2          “That’s about it.  The sex is self-executing.  Tenure for the faculty is now tenuous with the adjuncts impressed to assume the laboring oar.  That leaves the futball team – the sine qua non that justifies the existence of a college in America today.”

1          “The young gladiators are relieved of paying some of the lease payments for the classrooms they may not frequent and the coliseums they fill and toil in for the benefit of the ‘lums.  Granting tenure might foster academic freedom and independence.  Adjuncts can be underpaid and overworked along with the gladiators.”

2          “Today all the money is deployed for administrators who are bureaucrats with shiny pedigrees.  Someone needs to develop a percentage formula to limit the amount spent on the administrators who exist to collect big pay checks and approve tuition increases.”

1          “Humans seek to enslave other humans.  We need to resist our basic impulses.  Unless the athletes organize and unless the adjuncts organize, they will be exploited.  And the Sherpas too.”

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1          “Kids who do not understand their own mortality do not understand that their student debt is immortal.”

2          “The solution is simple.  After high school, youngsters are still engaged in the emancipation process from their parents or parent.  A two-year break allows them to flirt with adulthood rather than go to college and extend their adolescence.  A summer with the Civilian Conservation Corps, a stint in the military, a go at something out of their community or comfort zone provides critical perspective.”

1          “Even one year.  The kids in college who took a year off before starting college were three years more mature than the others.”

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2          “If fewer students attend college, the unused dorms can be used for housing of others in the community to allow students to interact with other members of the community and develop a sense of community.”

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2          “We paid the lead Sherpa the equivalent of two year’s wages via a stack of Benjamins for our climbing fee.  He paid his countrymen and women a few Rupees a day to do the work and carry the load.”

1          “Humans seek to enslave other humans.”

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[See the “e-ssays” titled “Is College Worthless? (July 25, 2011)” and “Humanity’s Motto: To Enslave And To Colonize (January 27, 2014).”]

Bumper stickers of the week:

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.

I have let my schooling interfere with my education.

Occupy Namche Bazaar

Earth Day

Debasing The Dialogue (April 14, 2014)

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C          “Too much commentary today is an ‘elbow-jerk’ cut and paste operation.  The citizen who questions whether the government should subsidize and encourage the crimes of the bankers and financial brigands is branded a ‘populist’ and a promoter of ‘populism’.”

D          “Populist notions should be more popular.  The dismissive missives also include a subtext that the person does not really understand economics, business and finance.  Just trust that the emperor is sporting natty attire and doing good and go on your way.”

C          “The blue serge suit hides the red devil.  Time magazine published a fawning piece in February, 1999 about three brigands – Summers, Greenspan and Rubin – and failed to warn the reader let alone even acknowledge the fraud these characters were fomenting on the public.”

D          “At least Yellen is a gal.  God and others know that the boys just do not get economics, business and finance.  They know how to exploit and plunder, but not how to contribute and develop.”

C          “She is doing things the same old way without acknowledging the fundamental problems.”

D          “The same old, same old is getting old.”

. . .

C          “The citizen who questions whether the United States should be aggressively engaged in a variety of wars with no real goal or strategy is dismissed as an ‘isolationist’ and a promoter of ‘isolationism’.”

D          “And of course not a realist or a highly coveted Realpolitiker.  And not someone whose contentions should be considered by reasonable folks.”

C          “Some people want to drop bucks and some people want to drop bombs.”

D          “We dump bucks and bombs.  Some folks are troubled that we finance dictators and then in time attack them.”

. . .

D          “Kill ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out seems to be the policy.”

C          “For some characters, blind ideology controls.  The issue turns on whether God is in the public sector or in the private sector.”

D          “Now there is one for you. God qua contractor.  Miller Act bonds and Davis-Bacon wage scales would drive God batty.  I can see the headline now: ‘God Overbills For Sorting Them Out: Congressional Inquiry Scheduled.’”

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Bumper stickers of the week:

Kill ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out

Keep calm and panic

Celebrating All Heroes (April 7, 2014)

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L          “Opening the season with a celebration of heroes with guts and guns is appropriate.  Also acknowledging those with guts but no guns is appropriate but undone.”

M          “There is much singing, but they are the real unsung heroes.”

L          “Those who challenge the need for needless wars are never celebrated at public celebrations.”

M          “They are the ones who would prefer that heroic deeds be done in stateside villages.  Teach a kid to read, build a park, plant a garden.”

. . .

M          “Those who may not acknowledge their quarrel with their prior military campaign often wear patches that proclaim:  ‘All gave some; some gave all.’  They are less likely to carry a sign or sport a bumper sticker that observes:  ‘There are no unwounded soldiers.’”

L          “Those who gave some and are not unwounded occasionally snap.”

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Bumper stickers and patches of the week:

All gave some; some gave all

There are no unwounded soldiers