The Vaccine: The Shot Felt Round The World (November 23, 2020)

. . .

K          “There is probably no other government action that would trigger immediate, spontaneous, unorchestrated, sustained and wide-spread resistance from the public than a mandatory Covid-19 vaccine.  Jamming a needle into a body would be the catalyst for a grand collective commotion from the body politic.”

J          “If a vaccine is rushed to market with even a small number of publicized side effects, the public across the political spectrum will resist.  However, the guinea pigs will all be eager volunteers.”

. . .

K          “So many people are concerned about gun confiscation.  I do not believe the government could possibly confiscate even some guns because there are so many guns and gun owners and too few law enforcement authorities who would enforce the order.  That threat is improbable but not impossible.  However, the threat of forced vaccines is very real.”

J          “If the government comes to confiscate guns, I believe and hope the American people will resist at the first warning.  Forced vaccines are beyond the red line.”

. . .

K          “I do remember being either firm or obstinate or pig-headed depending on your perspective and refusing to get into the car to get the vaccine.  He was far busier than I realized and did not have time to engage in gentle Dr. Spock persuasive reasoning.  The pictures in his medical books were graphic enough to get me to get on board.  I asked the nurse to give me a shot in each arm.  And have not missed a fall flu vaccine since.  But may not take any flu shot next year.”

J          “A friend told me that he remembers the pediatrician patriarch coming up the sidewalk with a treated sugar cube in a cup for the three of them.”

. . .

K          “Absent proof beyond a reasonable doubt, I will not get any Covid-19 vaccine.  I firmly believe there are currently available treatments that are much safer and much more effective and much much cheaper.”

J          “I may consider taking the vaccine, but I will be at the back of the line looking and listening attentively and possibly stepping out to move again to the back of the line.”

. . .

[See “How to Celebrate Thanksgiving in the Midst of Toxic Politics and COVID-19 Lockdowns” in “The Rutherford Institute” dated November 23, 2020 by the award-winning John W. Whitehead.]

[See the e-commentary at “Covid-19 PanICdemic/Plague:  Now What?!  Make Masks Great Again (June 15, 2020)”]

Bumper stickers of the week:

?Give it a shot?

Make masks good again

2020:  The Year of the Virus; 2021:  The Year of the Vaccine 

1963:  Kennedy

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