Friendships And Families Asunder. Brother v. Brother.  And Big Brother Always Looming (November 8, 2021)

. . .

K          “They will never recover completely.”

J          “They cannot recover completely.”

. . .

K          “Each thinks the other camp is an existential threat to them.”

J          “They are.”

. . .

K          “Celebrate Aaron Rodgers.”

J          “Castigate Aaron Rodgers.”

. . .

K          “Our bodies, ourselves.”

J          “Your bodies, ourselves.”

. . .

K          “The decision should be made by the patient in consultation with the physician.”

J          “The decision should be made by the government and enforced by the employer.”

. . .

K          “In time, we will all need to conclude a modus vivendi with each other.”

J          “They say one can bury the hatchet, yet no one forgets where he or she buried the hatchet.”

. . .

[See the e-commentary at “Civil War II.  Coming To A Country And City Near You (November 26, 2018)” and “The Great National Dissolution: Resolving The Great Civil War (April 18, 2011)”.]

Bumper stickers of the week:

Why do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that did not protect the protected from the unprotected in the first place?

Don’t ask

Our bodies, ourselves

The Infrastructure Bill looks like it is paving the road to serfdom in gold

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