Expanding The Goal In Soccer (July 18, 2022)

. . .

J          “One yard wider.”

K          “One meter wider.”

. . .

J          “People want points.  The games should produce lacrosse scores.  10 – 9 or 14 – 13 or 17 – 11.  Two digits for each team.”

K          “Purists will object, buy I am a purist who does not object.”

. . .

K          “Thirty years ago, the back-pass rule in soccer was implemented to universal and enduring acclaim.”

J          “Forty years ago, the shot clock in college basketball vitiated the four corners stall that was legal yet undermined the flow and possibilities of the game.”

. . .

K          “Expand the goal by a meter.  Enrich the game by a mile.”

J          “Or just a yard. And enrich it by a kilometer.” 

. . .

[See the e-commentary on sports at On The Vernal Equinox (March 21, 2011).]

Bumper sticker of the week:

Make the Beautiful Game more pulchritudinous

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