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Building The Great Wall of Canada: Keeping The Americans Out, Eh (January 30, 2017)

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C1        “Taking pot shots at the Americans sneaking over the border seems so . . . unCanadian.”

C2        “And yet so American, eh.”

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C1        “For years, my neighbors warned that America was percolating, festering and roiling.  The melting pot was a boiling pot.  A civil war is so like them, so American.  I am surprised the wankers in Ottawa anticipated that so many refugees would flood our borders.”

C2        “I told my MP the idea was daft.  I opposed the bill for so long.  The American’s stubborn refusal to pay for the Wall was appalling.  Yet in the end building The Great Wall of Canada was as inevitable as the American Civil War II that necessitated it.”

C1        “When I calculated that five percent of the Americans were likely to become war refugees, I concluded that we could not accommodate sixteen million of them.  I capitulated and agree that we had to build the bloody bugger.”

C2        “We could overcome the language barrier, yet so few of them bring any useful skills to bring to the table.”

C1        “Or even table manners.”

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[C1 = Canadian 1; . . . ]

[Mary Tyler Moore 1936 – 2017]

[See the article in the “Burrad Street Journal” titled “Canada Declares State Of Emergency As Millions Of Americans Attempt Border Crossing.”]

[See the e-commentary at “Black, Yellow, White, Brown, Red and Green:  An E-ssayer on Immigration (March 28, 2005).”]

Bumper stickers of the week:

A people who describe their primary currency as the “Loonie” cannot be all bad.

How can you tell the American kids from the Canadian kids backpacking in Europe?  The American kids have a 5 by 7 inch Canadian flag sewn on their backpacks whereas the Canadian kids have a 3 by 5 inch Canadian flag sewn on their backpacks.

The Great Wall of Canada is right up there with the Beaver.  Thirty years ago, the DHC-2 Beaver was selected as one of the top 10 Canadian engineering achievements of the past century for its engineering, social and economic impact around the world. 

[Picture of O’Bama] Miss me yet?

O’Bama. Part Deux. (January 21, 2013)

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A          “Cope not hope this go around.”

B          “Not as cold this time.  And a different climate than four years ago.”

A          “Sounds like he is moving from the right to the center.”

. . .

B          “Chuck Hagel is a great move.  The first enlisted man who actually saw combat as an NCO (“no chance officer”) and was not promoted to the officer corps now gets nominated to order and oversee the officers.”

A          “Amazing thing in America that those who go to war and reflect on the experience become Democrats.  Those who dodge the draft and never see combat become Republican chickenhawks.”

B          “Hagel was never a butter bar and now he is tasked with reducing the fat in the Defense budget.”

A          “The best place to start is with the Offense Department of the Department of Defense.  Hagel is the most qualified player to oversee that transition to a sustainable defense in a complex and dangerous world.”

. . .

B          “Jack Lew is a weak move.”

A          “William Black for Treasury would move us into the black.”

B          “The Owners will not allow O’Bama to make that selection.”

A          “Someone must start the process of downsizing too-big-to-fail banks so that they are the right size to succeed.”

B          “Financial reform may not be part of his legacy.”

. . .

A          “We must force him to address his increased use of drones.  If Bush had undertaken the current level of drone attacks on foreign soil and homes, he would have been leveled in some salons.”

B          “Now drones can fill the skies in America.  In the near future, there will be news reports of mid-air collisions between the ‘Fillmore County police drone’ and the ‘state troopers drone.’  Fly the friendly skies of United States of America.”

A          “I suspect that some opposition to gun control in some quarters may be supported by a scintilla of rationality.  A few individuals recognize that these violations of privacy are getting out of hand, so they want something in hand even if it is likely to be deadly, futile and counterproductive.”

B          “They are impinging on our fundamental right to sit in my back yard and scratch body parts without being scrutinized.”

. . .

A          “He has followed the nation’s emerging notions of gay rights and now is in lockstep with the public while the other legislature on Jenkins Hill – the Supreme Court – has elected to decide whether to take a step backward.”

B          “The Supreme Court Legislature is as partisan and divisive as the real Congress legislature.”

. . .

B          “And he mentioned climate change even though the climate changed in the scientific community many years ago.”

A          “His comments were not warmly received.”

. . .

A          “Immigration.”

. . .

B          “And the most important appointment of the last decade – Gary Locke – may just stay on the job for four more years.”

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[See the “e-ssay” titled O’Bama Arming Industry (November 22, 2010).]

[See the essay at]

Bumper stickers of the week:

No country is exceptional; no country is evil.

provide for the common defense

In order to serve as many customers as possible, all ammunition sales are limited to three boxes per customer per day.

Because of extraordinarily high demand for ammunition and limited . . . .

Brown Is The New Black (February 18, 2008)

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Almost all societies despise or at least resent one or two domestic groups and one or more foreign groups.  In America, the groups to hate and resent included Blacks and also the most recent immigrants to depart the ship (Germans, Irish, Scots, Poles, Italians, Jews, Tongans, etc.).  Look at the celebrated boxers across time (John L. Sullivan, Rocky Marciano, Mohammed Ali, Oscar de la Hoya).  They tend to be drawn from the group that was feared, despised, resented and oppressed at the time.

Polite society is careful about using the “n-word” today, although derivative and derisive words such as “denigrate” (defame; belittle) and “niggardly” (stingy) are still used without reflection.  The quiet unrelenting campaign to imprison Blacks continues with one percent of the population in the pokey.  There are still “Jena 6s” and the resurgence of the Noose as a tool of domestic terrorism.  Today’s KKK members dangle the Noose Knot (not a Sheet Bend Knot or a Carrick Bend Knot) and then assert that they don’t know what it means.  Their admission that they are ignorant is not disputed, yet they knew and know exactly what they are doing.  The calls for “hate crimes” legislation to address the matter collide with First Amendment considerations.  The solution is easy; those who claim that they do not know what the Noose means should be afforded an opportunity to make the statement under oath to someone with a badge; they will hang themselves; prosecuting them for and proving perjury and obstruction of justice is so easy it can be delegated to a summer legal intern.  The Confederate flag has become America’s swastika.  The current scene is not all pretty.  Nonetheless, there is less overt prejudice against Blacks today than in the past.  An African-Saxon is running for President.  America has made and is making progress.

However, Brown has become the new Black.  Many otherwise decent Whites are threatened by Browns far beyond any plausible threat posed by them.  A few well-educated White boys agree to frequent a company that directs callers to touch “1” on the telephone dial to hear the message in English rather than the competing company that directs callers to touch “2” to hear the message in English.  “We are number 1.”  Fear and insecurity are ugly and ever-present and timeless.

The Browns are doing the work that others do not want to do.  They put the family into family values.  They are learning the English language despite the unfounded accusations of the nativists to the contrary.  A recent e-mail message denigrating Browns was written in what can only be described as “white trash” English syntax; the authors were not even bright enough to recognize the irony of their own incompetence.  Browns serve this Republic in the military in greater percentages than others.  They are the ones admittedly using more social services.  They will also be the ones most likely to pay off some of the massive Debt accumulated by the Whites.  [See the e-ssay dated March 28, 2005 entitled “Black, White, Brown, Red and Green:  An E-ssayer on Immigration.”]

Bumper sticker of the week:

Fear is Debilitating

The Immigration Imbroglio (May 21, 2007)

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The outlines of proposed immigration bills include a provision to require those who are in the country illegally to return home before being considered for legal re-entry.  Of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants, is there a realistic expectation that even 10,000 would be fooled by this offer?  The desire to control a country’s borders is a reasonable exercise of sovereignty.  However, the border with Mexico will always be as porous as a colander.  Building the Berlin Wall on the border with Mexico is as ill-fated as the Berlin Wall.  Under any scenario, the Wall can only be constructed economically with illegal labor from Mexico.  As someone observed, if the U.S. builds a ten foot wall, those who seek to enter will build an eleven foot ladder.  Some will tunnel under the wall and others will saunter around it.

There are likely to be a million non-legal immigrants a year into the U.S. every year regardless of what is done or not done.  Trying to stem the tide of illegal immigration is akin to passing legislation ordering the tides to stop running.  The tides flow in and out with some predictability.  The tide of immigrants flows one way.  In 2008: 13 million total non-legal immigrants; 2009: 14 million; 2010: 15 million; 2011: ….  Some have said that the immigrants bring with them poverty; every immigrant group coming to America brought with them poverty–the British, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Italian, Irish, Polish, etc.  Americans are legitimately divided on the just solution and would rather debate the challenge.  At core, Americans are simply unwilling to admit the limits of legislation.

Bumper sticker of the week:

No Hoy Excusa La Violencia Domestica

American English Again (June 12, 2006)

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The movement to declare American English to be the official language reveals America’s increasing insecurity and desperation.  The movement may be harmless unless it includes some limitations on the use of other languages in law or commerce.  However, why allow more government intervention into our lives?  Let the markets decide.  If consumers desire an owners manual written in English, Spanish and Swahili, so be it.  The Chinese will respond to the demands of the market with little direction or resistance from their government.  We do not need any intervention from ours.  Immigrants learn English.  If the populace could reflect for a few minutes, there is one less problem to keep us awake at night.

Immigration: A Historical Perspective (May 29, 2006)

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“They keep coming across our borders.  Each wave brings another wave of illegal immigrants flooding our shores.  They demand our social services.  They take our jobs.  They refuse to speak our native tongue.  They wave their flag.  Worst of all, they undermine the rule of law.  They are changing our very way of life.”  Chief Esperanza of the Pax tribe in the area later know as Billy Penn’s Hunting Grounds discussing Americas first illegal immigrants (1776). 

Himno Nacional Americano – The National Anthem in Spanish (May 15, 2006)

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The National Anthem in Spanish?  Americans should be proud that the National Anthem is translated into and sung in foreign languages.  They are singing our song in their language.  The song celebrates a flag.  Our flag.  That is an ad man’s dream.

American English should be the official language of the United States.  Spanish should be the second official language.  We in the Americas (North, Central and South) should do business and pleasure in both English and Spanish (and show deference to French and Portuguese along the way).  All signs, owner’s manuals, bill boards and beer ads should be presented in both languages.  No real man resorts to the instructions, but a real man can maintain his manhood by resorting to the instructions in another language.  It may be all Greek to him, but at least his manhood is intact.  “?Hey Larry, what’s a destornillador?”

Communication and transportation are key to economic growth and development.  Communication requires more than a network of telegraph lines and cell phone repeater towers.  A common language makes communication easier, more efficient.  A thousand languages and the thousand cultures that gave rise to the languages in the Central and South Americas were vanquished by the Spanish (with the assistance of the Portuguese, Dutch and English).  At this time, the Spanish language is one of legacies of the terror of colonialism.  A positive and promising legacy.  A common means of communication allows someone in Tierra del Fuego to communicate with someone in Bahia de Los Angeles.  Those citizens living in the City of Angels should learn how to communicate with others in Bogota.  Americans should be as eager to learn Spanish as most immigrants are to embrace English.

Sobre tierra de libres, la bandera sagrada!

Black, Yellow, White, Brown, Red and Green: An E-ssayer on Immigration (March 28, 2005)

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“We’ll give some land to the niggers and the chinks, but we don’t want the Irish,” the mayor observed in the movie Blazing Saddles (1974).  If America can survive the invasion of the Irish, it can survive anything, even the invasion of the Hispanics.  Even a half-breed who is 1/4 Irish can hold down at least a part-time job in this land of easy living.

The southern invasion of Mexicans across the American border is causing anxiety.  Republicans decried illegal immigration at their convention in San Diego while ordering high balls from the “illegals” working the room.  Repubs hire “illegals” and do not pay minimum wages or unemployment taxes, if they pay the “illegals” at all.  By maintaining the pool of “illegal” workers, Repubs are able to cut labor costs substantially.  The “illegals” do the work that 1) regular ‘Mericans will not do that also 2) cannot be outsourced.  Even with today’s technology, an Indian (from India that is) cannot mow our lawns, make our beds, or raise our kids.

Is the invasion calculated and organized with a secret agenda?  Land acquisition principles over time are revealing.  A young American country expanded geographically in the 19th century by buying land (Louisiana Purchase; Alaska) from countries that did not own the land (France; Russia).  The land was stolen, fair and square.  Time and practices change.  One of the central lessons of the 20th century is that the world will allow a country to take another country by investment but not by invasion (Germany; Japan; China in the current century).  The American landscape and mapa may change.  “California” and “Baja California” may become “Alto Peninsular” and “Peninsular.”  What will happen when (blue) California and the (red) swath running from the Gadsden Purchase region, through Texas and the Southern Southern states become the de facto 30th province of Mexico?  What will happen depends on what we want.  It’s that simple.

Someone once said that stereotypes are unfair, but they are earned.  What stereotype have these people earned?  Are they hard working or lazy?  Are they patriotic or provincial?  Are they selfless or selfish?  The “-ezs” (Alvarez, Fernandez, Gonzalez, Hernandez, Lopez, Martinez, Ordonez, Perez, Ramirez, Rodriquez, Sanchez, Torrez, Valazquez, etc.) have contributed a disproportionate share of blood to the recent blood drives conducted by the U.S. military.  Seems that such a contribution suggests hard work and patriotism and selflessness.  The answer is simple.  They are in large part what they are allowed to be.  By us.

The War on Immigrants is like most of the wars that America initiates.  There is no strategic thought and no thoughtful strategy.  By forcing the illegals to act illegally, they are being taught to behave illegally and are learning to behave illegally.  Once here (which they will be), they will maintain a distant, distrustful and confrontational relationship with all the institutions that they otherwise might support if they were allowed to support them and be supported by them.  They will never trust authority or an individual in a uniform, even a fireman or a park ranger or a brownie scout.  They will fear every uniform except the one they wear proudly, the one that allows them to sport the combat infantryman badge.

The immigrants who are allowed to participate above ground in the economy will be subject to taxes easily collected even if unwillingly remitted by their employers.  All the whining about the aging baby boomers may be moot if there is a new pool of imported labor into the country.  The fundamental and growing problem they will also confront, however, is that America cannot competitively produce goods and provide services that are sought by other countries.  Perhaps they will have a solution or be part of the solution.

What about language?  The language of the USA is and should be American English.  The critical documents and the laws and the literature are crafted in American English.  Whether it should have been German or French or Gaelic or Swahili is now moot.  The country should not adopt bilingual status such as our more enlightened neighbor to the north.  Different traditions; different history; different concerns.  English is a bugger of a language to learn except at one’s mother’s breast.  There should be many specially tailored programs to make the transition and the translation as easy and seamless as possible.  Lessons in both languages in school are appropriate and desirable, particularly in the younger grades.  Bilingual signs and directions aid Americans who should be learning Spanish.  The signs act as public flash cards; the bilingual instructions are free homework assignments with the answers provided in American.  The welcoming sign should say “Rio Grande / Big River”; translations into Mandarin and Cantonese would be prescient.  At the end of the day, however, everyone should be expected to speak and write in American English.  Did the German immigrants learn English?  Did the French immigrants learn English?  Did even the Irish immigrants learn the peasant language of the invaders?  Will the new immigrants learn the language?  Sure.  Make the transition smooth and pleasant.

Because no one can win la Casa Blanca without the Hispanic vote, both political parties will be patronizing and condescending.  This reality offers great promise.  Imagine Paul Rodriquez as Ambassador to the United Nations.  Imagine welcoming new citizens who become welcomed citizens.

Samuel Huntington does not need to fret.  Everything’s cool.  We will get precisely what we want and cultivate from this new wave.  Do we really know what we want?

Boycott Red America (January 3, 2005)

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The U.S.A. is engaged in an uncivil civil war, a war between the states of mind. At core, the dispute is between urban and suburban/rural Americas, although the voting boundaries are crudely demarcated by state and region. America revealed its true colors once again in the tragic events surrounding 11/2. Cooperation and compromise, albeit usually virtues in these situations, are now futile, counterproductive and self-destructive. A condominium divided against itself can stand. Appomattox condemns unilateral secession but condones voluntary realignment. We as a nation must summon the honesty and courage to hoist a national white flag and agree to realign the red states and the blue states. The blue states should form three Azure Provinces known as the United Provinces of America (U.P.A.). The red states should form the United States of Aggression or perhaps the United States of Fear, Ignorance and Greed (U.S.G.). The red states will demure when they realize that the reds cannot subsist without the massive subsidies funneled to them via the tax dollars confiscated from the blue states. Without a worldwide boycott of red America and diplomatic recognition of blue America, realignment is not possible.

After the realignment, reds can continue to live, work, travel and own property in blue country, and vice versa. Anyone uncomfortable living and working in Paris (Illinois) can travel to Rome (Georgia) and buy property; vice versa for those forced to relocate from Paris (Kentucky) to Rome (New York). For those of us who are out of place, relocating will be wrenching and discomforting. Everyone will be afforded dual citizenship and provided two passports. A red flag with 31 white stars in the field; a score of white stars on a field of blue. “In God we trust” versus “In reason we trust.” Clergy versus clerisy.

Creative individuals can move to U.P.A. and design energy-efficient transportation modules. Pedestrian ones can move to U.S.G. and drive gas-guzzlers in circles. Reds can continue to sell bazookas and grenade launchers at their local pharmacies and hardware stores so that the terrorist at the end of their cul-de-sac can arm himself without delay or an inconvenient background check. Blues remain free to take granddad’s 30.06 from the safe each Fall and wander in the woods in pursuit of the elusive white tail. God knows gays have already suffered enough, but if they really want to get married, they can move to U.P.A. and spark the most massive urban renewal ever accomplished in the history of humankind without visiting the exchequer. U.S.G. can ban with abandon even secular civil unions because everyone knows that queers woke up one Tuesday morning and elected to be that way of their own volition and not because of God’s design.

The blues can reaffirm basic libertarian principles and allow each citizen to control the person’s person. The reds insist on more government dictating personal decisions for others. As soon as a baby crawls out of the hospital and makes a misstep, the reds dispatch the human being with extreme prejudice. Government in the bedroom is far more corrosive of individual rights than in the boardroom. The blues get the original Bill of Rights, because the reds would not even recycle the paper. Custody of the Constitution is joint, although in a few legislative sessions there will be scant resemblance between the two amended versions. Without realignment, the entire U.S.A. will continue to decay and fester to second world status within a generation. With realignment, the Michigan-Ohio State football game immediately becomes an international event of epic proportions. Go Blue.

On March 19, 2003, George Bush triggered World War III. Sans casus belli. America cannot win it, America alone cannot stop it. A group of radical Christian extremists declared war on a group of radical Islamic extremists who were eager to reciprocate. Those who would rather be red and dead should not be afforded the opportunity to absolve the rest of us of our mortality. Bush is skillfully recruiting terrorists for the cause, although he soon will not be able to recruit his own palace guard. U.S.G. will be free to impose a front door Draft on its populace allowing the reds to prosecute the doomed Second Crusades for the next one hundred years. Operation Iraqi Liberation alone will bestow thousands of American deaths, seven-fold that number of disfiguring and dismembering casualties, and a direct economic cost of half a trillion in two years. More than 150,000 innocent Iraqi civilians and brave red-blooded Iraqi freedom fighters will die doing what any red- or blue-blooded American would do if our country were invaded without provocation. Each Iraqi death produces a hydra effect because two more Iraqi patriots commit their lives to the cause.

The reds delude themselves into believing they hate us for who we are; they hate us for what we are doing. The current version of the Constitution does not say: “We must destroy the village to save it.” However, America is deploying tax dollars to destroy the villages and then committing tax dollars to rebuild them. The “Economics of Destruction and Reconstruction 101” is an emerging field. The cost of reconstruction will be twenty-fold the still escalating and untold cost of destruction that we are not being told. Both Fallujah and Flint (Michigan) are being destroyed for no purpose, although Fallujah is slated for urban renewal with a modern subway system and above ground swimming pools. The Secretary of Offense is not astute enough to take one of the few insightful pages from the Vietnam playbook by declaring victory and getting out. With the fires ignited by the U.S.A., the current Dien Bien Phu III will be a mere sideshow and a forgotten incident in a conflagration that the U.S.A. will not be able to lose gracefully.

Use by the U.S.A. of tactical nuclear weapons in the form of spent uranium threatens to beget more nuclear activity. Individuals in the physics departments and in the biology departments of this planet pose a far more devastating threat than kids throwing stones at invaders using nuclear weapons to destroy their homes. At home, the systematic and willful conspiracy to bankrupt the public fisc is a high crime and misdemeanor that does little “to promote the general welfare.” A ten trillion dollar debt should be unconstitutional and alone grounds for immediate impeachment. Taxing to match spending is at least balanced and responsible. Only the reds seem charmed by these prospects.

By contrast, U.P.A. can reaffirm international law and the Geneva Conventions, issue a statement of non-participation in the Second Crusades, and execute a formal memorandum of re-engagement with the world. U.P.A. can assume one of the permanent seats on the Security Council without objection because the reds want nothing to do with U.N. pantywaists. U.P.A. must be liberated and divested to participate with and compete against the two rising colossuses that will define and dominate this century China and the European Union. U.P.A. will “provide for the common defense” by undertaking actions that contribute to the security and well being of the Provinces and the stability of the world. The Blue Provinces could unite with the E.U. to create the Transatlantic Alliance. With a mix of carefully calculated battles cum exeunt and a few shrewd modus vivendi, U.P.A. and the other two political empires may be able to limit or eliminate the causes of dissatisfaction that lead a desperate and rational person to employ terrorist techniques.

The U.S.A. has rarely been more vulnerable or the world less secure. The ruling ayatollah and his cabal of radical religious fundamentalist fanatics in Washington will not tolerate free elections, peaceful regime change or geographic realignment in America. Their devoutly anti-intellectual and anti-intellectually devout fans are in lockstep. However, they say that freedom is on the march. Little Napoleon motivated his own [al] Queda, his base, to continue on the path to world domination or destruction, whichever comes first. The world can and must just say no to the war criminal and his clutch of chicken hawks. Uniting one’s foes and dividing one’s friends (and countrymen) is not sagacious. With a few exceptions, the McMedia of every hue in America are effete, craven, servile and unavailing, but they are pretty. The last hope is for private citizens to unite the world and enlist its assistance to conduct a world economic plebiscite.

The world must boycott red America for one year. No visits to red states or contributions directly or indirectly to their economies. No vacations or holidays or conferences or conventions. Cranberries from the Eastern Province (Massachusetts and New Jersey), the Central Province (Wisconsin) and the Western Province (Washington and Oregon) should be imported and served once a day to support the peace movement. Washington apples but not Virginia apples. California oranges but not Florida oranges. Don’t mix apples and oranges. Oregon pinot but not Tennessee mash. Minnesota corn but not Iowa corn. Wisconsin beer but not Colorado or Missouri beer. Skip Alaska and explore New England and then Hawaii next year. Tour Washington D.C. and find lodging in the city or in Maryland. Spend too much time and money in New York. Circumnavigate the Adirondacks and the Sierras and circumvent the lower Appalachians and the eastern Rockies.

Tender Euros, the peace chits, to blue businesses to symbolize Europe’s permission slips for peace. After some initial resistance, blue Americans may adopt the Euro as their currency. English is the emerging medium of communication for the E.U.; the Euro rightly should emerge as the medium of exchange for the U.P.A. By 2006, the Euro will be the new two dollar bill. Vote for peace in the three Azure Provinces. We can all use Euros to buy the “English/Mandarin” and the “English/Cantonese” dictionaries and launch them to the top of The Beijing Times Best Seller List. Demand that all imported produce and products from the U.S.A. include a state of origin stamp. Provide your kinder with outline maps of the U.S. and crayons of rojo y azul, rouge et bleu, rosso e azzurro, or rot und blau to teach them the boundaries of the two Americas. Send letters and e-mails to the respective secretaries of state and convention bureaus and inform them that you are boycotting the red states.

On a grander scale, if the central banks in Europe (ECB), Japan and China create a true Coalition of the Willing and demand that the U.S.A. withdraw from its international excursions or face complete withdrawal of all financial support for and funding of the U.S.A., there will be change. Those who carefully save in Frankfurt (Germany) can save those who spend wildly in Frankfurt (Kentucky). The Coalition must implement this new and improved version of the Marshall Plan and impose a revised Containment policy to restrain and quarantine the red menace in this rogue nation. International economic sanctions will succeed against the American war machine impatient to unleash more of its weapons of mass destruction against the world. A trillion dollar (Euro?) economic impact in one year likely will garner some attention.

During its glory days, America was a generous and magnanimous Republic that came to the world’s aid in times of need and trouble in so many ways. We sane Americans now must ask the rest of the world to come to our aid. Diplomatic recognition of blue American is critical. You can save blue America and the rest of the world, and red America. Boycott red America now. Billions of lives and livelihoods are at stake. In due course, the boycott can be finessed to focus on the specific enterprises that advance the apocalypse. Thank you kindly in advance for your assistance and sacrifice in saving the world.