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Texas Votes To Secede From U.S. And Join Mexico; Russia Blows Up World In Response (March 17, 2014)

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1          “What did you expect.”

2          “You can’t really blame them.”

1          “They really deserved it.”

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1          “Most national security issues are exacerbated by the personal insecurities of those in power who inflame the personal insecurities of the people who are powerless and frightened.”

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1          “In last night’s special election, Texans voted overwhelmingly to secede and create a sovereign and independent nation heavily dependent on grants, welfare, kickbacks, foreign aid and transfer payments from the United States of America.  Scholars are remarking that it was the first honest plebiscite in recent Texas history.”

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2          “In related developments, Austin seceded from the seceding Texas and joined the People’s Republic of Portland.  A concert is scheduled.”

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1          “Remember the Monroe Doctrine.  The policy viewed further efforts by European nations to colonize land or interfere with states in North and South America as acts of aggression requiring U.S. intervention.”

2          “The young United States of America issued the Monroe Doctrine at a time when the U.S. Navy had one row boat and the U.S. Army had one musket that was shared by underpaid and courageous patriots.”

1          “Remember the Monroevich Doctrine, the son of the Monroe Doctrine.  Another American idea exported to the world without due credit.  The policy views further efforts by European and American nations to colonize land or interfere with states in Russia as acts of aggression requiring Russian intervention.  Even some Republicans insecure about their manhood admit that Russia’s Monroevich Doctrine clearly justifies Russia’s actions even if we do not like them.”

2          “The Russians or the actions?” 

1          “Or the Republicans?” 

. . .

1          “Just between you and me, Putin is as insecure and as dangerous as the Republicans who are having fun criticizing him, but Putin is more of a nasty thug and a nut job.”

2          “Throughout the decades, we have always relied on the Russians to be about as rational in a pinch as we are.”

1          “Most of the time.”

. . .

1          “A more measured response short of blowing up the world would have been so . . . lame.”

. . .

2          “Once again the Black Irishman is tasked with being the adult in the room.”

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This article must be revised to reflect the following correction:

Texas did not vote to secede from the U.S. and join Mexico.  Russia did not blow up the world in response.  We regret the error.

[Have a peaceful St. Patrick’s Day and productive twenty-fifth anniversary of the World Wide Web.]

Bumper stickers of the week:

Free Texas.  Take Texas.  Pleas, please.

Keep Austin Weird.  And free.

Remember The Monroevich Doctrine

The Race Is About Race: The (Last) Great White Hope (September 3, 2012)

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A          “The election of 2008 was not the dawn of a post-racial America.  In 2008, few knew how to attack an African-Irish-American Presidential candidate without appearing to be racists.  In 2012, America is still torn by racial issues.  Now the attack is focused on race because they are not willing to lose this race this time.  The race is about race.”

B          “So they want us to take back America.  To when?  Prior to 1965 and the Voting Rights Act?  To 1964 and the Civil Rights Act?  To 1956 and Brown v. Board of Education?  To 1868 and the Fourteenth Amendment?  To 1865 and the Thirteenth Amendment?  To 1864 and the Emancipation Proclamation?”

A          “To when Whites ruled.  The message is subtle.  Everyone communicates in code and dog whistles.” 

B          “Forty-five percent of the population responds to fear.  They know how to stoke and marshal fear.”

A          “The Republican Southern Strategy attracts White voters by appealing to racist fears and anxieties.  The Southern Strategy is now the National Strategy.”

B          “This will be the last race that is controlled by White voters.”

. . .

AB          “O’Bama declined public financing of his campaign and spent twice as much as McCain.  Romney may spend twice as much as O’Bama this go round.  Follow the money.”

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Bumper stickers of the week:

“Take back America = Bring back Jim Crow.”

White using green to defeat Black.

“Do you hate him because he is Irish or because he is Black?”  “Both.  Plus he was born in Niger-ia.  Get it.”