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Iraq: Right On Track (June 16, 2014)

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1          “Iraq is the slow-moving car crash that has been careening into the ditch for over two dozen years.”

2          “The nightmare does not go away even when the sun returns.  The nightmare has not been on the horizon for years because it was no longer novel or sexy.”

1          “Now it is returning to our screens and the Neo-Con propaganda machine is flooding the conventional media with misinformation.  The Truth is a casualty again.”

2          “The Press was at its zenith in 1973 during Watergate and at its nadir in 2003 during the cheerleading up to the unwarranted war.”

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2          “The Bush Administration undertook an unprovoked and illegal attack on Iraq in March of 2003 at the urging of the Neo-Cons.”

1          “And ‘Another three trillion down the drain’ turned out to be painfully prescient.  And then Stiglitz provided the footnotes.”

2          “Three trillion dollars was a conservative estimate.”

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1          “The ‘Surge’ in Iraq was nothing more than short-term bribes to local war lords that was doomed to fail when the funds ran out.  The funds ran out and the scheme ceased.  The few additional troops were nothing more than paymasters and traffic cops.”

2          “Every five years, the Nobel and Pulitzer people should give a special award for Truth.  That fact is lost in the fog.  A second surge is just as futile.”

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1          “The Neo-Cons are back on the warpath and urging a second surge.  Someone with one of the conventional media outlets should investigate how many of the Neo-Cons’ sons or daughters have enlisted in the last dozen years.”

2          “The Neo-Cons themselves are cowards, draft dodgers and chicken hawks.  And they are too busy investing in war stocks.”

1          “The Neo-Cons or some conventional media mouth pieces?”

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[Some citizens are interested in presenting eco-nomics as a counterpoise to e-con-omics.

Bumper stickers of the week:

Gods don’t kill people.  People with Gods kill people.

“Oh, the Protestants hate the Catholics, And the Catholics hate the Protestants . . . .”  Tom Lehrer, “National Brotherhood Week.”  “Oh, the Sunnis hate the . . . .”

“Iraq” is Arabic for “Vietnam.”

Cuba – October, 1962 (October 22, 2012)

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1          “Some lawyer named Fidel questioned why his fellow Cubans were being exploited by outsiders.  The political and economic system did not offer any recourse, so he and others personally took action.  Those who had property taken by the people were not pleased that their takings were taken.”

2          “America was patient allowing him to sit in an Adirondack chair on America’s back deck, smoke a cigar and blow smoke at us.”

1          “Monroe rolled over in his grave, although even James realized that the Doctrine was more aspiration than doctrine.”

2          “A problem arose when he smoked a cigar and sat atop a keg of gunpowder.”

1          “Many reasonable Americans understandably felt a NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) response, but we applied the patented policy of Containment that emerged to confront Fidel’s benefactor after the Second War To End All Wars.”

2          “Either side could have pointed to an act of war.  When the U-2 reconnaissance plane was shot down, America could have shot up the place.”

1          “Curtis “Bombs Away” LeMay wanted to blow up the world.”

2          “There is always one in every crowd.  America had subs wandering the waters with tactical nuclear weapons and the Russians had subs wandering the waters with tactical nuclear weapons.”

1          “Kennedy and Khrushchev communicated via lines of communication that were not much more sophisticated than smoke signals.  Kennedy gave up some missiles in Turkey that induced a NIMBY reaction among the Russians and Khrushchev cleaned up the dynamite in our back yard without publicly making it look like a sell-out.”

2          “Finding out what really went on is problematic and a problem.  Those who dislike Kennedy for other reasons dislike what he did even if they do not know what he did; those who like Kennedy for other reasons like what he did even if they do not know what he did.”

1          “It was a prudent resolution.  Awarding both of them the Nobel Peace Prize would not have been inappropriate.”

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[George McGovern – 1922 – 2012.  A great war hero and a greater peace hero.  America would be a profoundly more peaceful and prosperous place today if the populace had picked decent men such as McGovern and Stevenson in the past.]

Bumper sticker of the week:

What is effortless to start is often impossible to stop.