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Bush: “Torture our kids, s’il vous plait” (January 31, 2005)

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For many years, concerned men and women on the planet have sought to impose some limits on the conduct of war and the treatment of prisoners of war.  A combatant is to be rendered hors de combat and removed from the battlefield, not wantonly slaughtered or ritualistically dismembered.  The golden rule – do onto others as you would like them to do onto your kids – was exalted.  The hope has been that a scared, bewildered and blindfolded American kid would find that someone in the cell knows at least one Western word – “Geneva” – and perhaps entertains some vague anxiety that following the directions of his superiors will not be a defense if the other side wins.  America’s compliance with international law on a good day is incidental because of the settled practice that only O3s (captains) and lesser ranking members of the U.S. military are ever held accountable for atrocities under any circumstances.  Even though the senior officers (O4s and up) of the U.S. military are exempt from prosecution, some of them are uneasy that the restraints have been removed.  The enlightened of the world have hoped that a few individuals would back off on a few occasions and not reach for the blowtorch and the battery cables.

The Bush regime decided to shift from the “civil/criminal law” paradigm to a “war” paradigm in response to every local, state, national and/or international challenge.  The “war” paradigm, however, still has rules that are in our interest.  By repudiating the rules, Bush has provided carte blanche to individuals who were admittedly not eager to embrace “Western rules.”  When the next 18 year old who only wanted to score some coin for the nursing degree is splayed out on the table, the captors will remember at least one Western word – “George.”  He says that anything goes.  In this craven new world created by Bush and his boys, it is a defense to say that the Americans propounded the rules for the treatment of the American prisoners.  America loses.  The final outcome now depends on who wins the struggle.

An Airline (Partial) Survival Guide (January 24, 2005)

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How do you create a small profitable airline?  Start out with a large profitable airline.  The move of small and large airlines to unprofitable status in America is cause for concern.  The survival of many of Americas private air carrier system is in everyone’s interest.

The current insane pricing system is too baroque and requires one to earn a merit badge or obtain an MA in Ticketology.  There is so much effort expended and time wasted that does not provide any utility attempting to find an even cheaper ticket.  On any given flight, one would need to search a few rows to find someone who paid the same or even a similar price for a ticket.  “That fellow in seat 6C looks smug.  He got a better deal.  I know it.  Next time, one more search, by golly.”  The search itself provides no social benefit.  By contrast, a hurricane that inflicts a billion dollars in damages also inflicts a billion dollars in benefits because of the resulting purchases of plywood, overtime for insurance adjusters, sales of batteries and bottled water, etc.  By contrast, the process of searching for a cheaper ticket does not provide much utility even if a successful outcome provides some fleeting happiness.

The fare structure should be simplified to one fare with desperately few restrictions, conditions or limitations.  Business class fares are undesirable because the tickets are purchased by the public via an income tax deduction provided by our even more baroque and byzantine tax system.  On the other hand, in a free market, perhaps a business class section meets an acceptable public desire.  A Saturday night stay or a Tuesday afternoon stay or a Friday morning stay is not related to the actual cost of transporting humans; stay stays altogether.  Current thirty-day limitations on travel are unfounded, although a requirement that travel be completed within a year provides for the elimination of the liability to the airline within the fiscal year; this limitation really only impacts five customers.  Charging more for a ticket as one gets close to the date of the flight may appear to trap those who have no other alternative.  Trapping those who have no other alternative is inelegant, unsporting and bad business.  Set one price and then let those who want to have that ticket in hand buy a ticket early.  One astute frequent flyer plan allows a participant to walk up to the booth on the day of departure and fly if there is an available seat.  The airline satisfies a previously satisfied customer while extinguishing a liability.  The additional cost of the passenger is little more than peanuts, although admittedly some more fuel is consumed, blankets are worn and thus worn out, flight attendants must attend, etc.

The airlines should not serve much more than peanuts on a domestic flight.  They should provide fast flights not fast food.  All the different dietary needs that have been met commendably by the airlines to date (such as no peanut products in the food, etc.) are too expensive and unwarranted.  Food courts at the terminals provide food more efficiently.  Aircraft space currently committed to the galleys could be used for more seats and for an additional two inches of knee room between each seat.  Flight attendants who were originally nurses would no longer hand out fries and would instead nurse the safety of the larger number of passengers in more spacious seats.  Eliminating the food delivery to the aircraft eliminates the most vulnerable opportunity for a security breach of the aircraft.  And if someone wants to change a return time and there is an available seat, change the time once for $25 and a second time for $100.  Allowing for free time changes does not force the passenger to spend sufficient time at the outset determining his or her realistic travel plans.  Passengers treated this way will be back.

Any action by the government is likely to botch up the necessary market forces.  Create a CAB II?  BAD.  Those who laud the apparent lack of government involvement in the airline industry since 1977 overlook the nearly complete regulation of the industry at this time by the government.  The government agency is known as the United States Bankruptcy Court For The __________ District Of __________.  Bankruptcy courts are appallingly poor economic air traffic cops.  The airlines need to behave rationally with as little government activity as possible.

An airline that cut costs by eliminating these inefficiencies (and absurdities) may survive long enough to achieve profitability.  That best serves the public interest.  There are still the problems of unfunded pension plans and inadequate health care, but that is for another flight.

America the Bankrupt: Economics 210 in the Land of the Freeway and the Home of the Wave (January 17, 2005)

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In The Bankruptcy Court For The World

In re the United States of America, )

Debtor.                                                   )  W-06 – _______

Comes now the United States of America (hereinafter “U.S.A.”) and hereby declares that it is insolvent.  The U.S.A. is unable to meet its obligations and pay its bills and regrettably must . . . . . . . .

When the Euro (E) commands two green backs (GBs) and the U.S. national Debt (D) (not the deficit (the little “d”)) reaches ten Trillion, there will be an uncontrollable economic meltdown in American financial markets.

Imagine if you spent $10 K (10 thousand) a month for 6 months, then your deficit is $10 K a month; your Debt (the total bill; the entire enchilada; the whole shooting match) is $60 K plus interest and growing.  The little “d” deficit is bad; the Big “D” Debt is very Bad.  Never forget the Big D.  In addition, today the total personal debt (including mortgages) of the citizens of America (P) already exceeds ten trillion and continues to grow.  It is only a matter of time.

The numbers are too big, so the government lies.  About both the number and its effects on the economy.  The government unilaterally decides to divide the big “D” figure in the example above (60 K) into two numbers (20 K) and report another acceptable number (40 K) to the public.  The government simply considers some expenses “Off Budget” (20 K) and then reports a smaller “On Budget” number (40 K) as the Big D.  The same accounting gymnastics are applied when the government misrepresents the little “d” deficit and simply states that it is $6 or $7 K a month.  Unemployed accountants from Enron and WorldCom assist in the effort.  However, the foreign investors know the real scores, namely that the deficit is really 10 K and the Debt is really 60 K.

Everyone has forgotten the quadratic equation, but how many citizens realize that a trillion is one thousand (1000) billion or 1 with 12 zeros (1,000,000,000,000.00).  A billion is one thousand (1000) million or 1 with 9 zeros (1,000,000,000.00).  A million is one thousand (1000) thousand or 1 with 6 zeros (1,000,000.00).  These -illions and -illions and -illions of dollars must come from someone’s pocket.  Yours.

Look around.  The Chinese are selling goods to Americans and selling money to Americans to buy the goods from the Chinese.  Okay, it is a little more complex and involves other players and plays.  At core, however, Americans do little more than take money from other countries and give it back to the countries in exchange for their goods and services.

David Ricardo is still right on the money.  He rightfully assumed that everyone has something to bring to the table known as the marketplace.  Comparative international trade theory is premised on every player doing something more efficiently than another player.  The fundamental and growing problem is that America is increasingly not able competitively to produce goods and provide services sought by other countries.  The U.S. will not have a comparative advantage in the production or provision of much in the coming decades.

There is no sound doctrinal economic theory that relates or correlates total personal or national debt with gross domestic product or the trade deficit or other economic factors and measures of performance.  The relationships over time are available for scrutiny.  The lack of any generally accepted theory leaves individual players to determine their own psychological anxiety level and to predict the comfort level and behavior of other players.  At some time, enough will be enough or more than enough.  Most individual foreign businessmen have no quarrel with the current scheme except if their products become far less desirable against comparable American products because of the continuing decline of the dollar.  Collectively the game will collapse when the larger players realize that the return on the investment will never materialize for the players who don’t know when to fold them.  The growing personal debt (P) of the citizenry and the rising national Debt (D) of the country will accelerate the collapse of the dollar.  The declining dollar will retard the decline for a time because foreigners will buy more of the cheaper products and services from the U.S. and ride the closeout sale for a time.  It is only a matter of time.

At some point, few players will be foolish enough to provide or accept devalued dollars in exchange for interest payments also made in devalued dimes or even quarters.  A lender who provides $100 at an expected 5 % interest rate will discover that he will receive devalued dollars and nickels in the future.  At a 20 % devaluation, the lender will receive $80 ($100 x .8) in principle and $4 ($5 x .8) for a total return of $84.  To make something on the deal, the lender will demand a nominal rate of 30 % interest at a minimum.  At a 20 % devaluation, the lender will receive $80 ($100 x .8) in principle and $24 ($30 x .8) for a total return of $104.  He is now a day late and still a dollar short.  To obtain a 5 % rate of return, he must demand 31.2 % interest.  Add in a few more points for uncertainty and even more points to accommodate unchecked inflation.  At some point, the Hyperdive economy will be characterized by what engineers describe as “positive dynamic instability.”  Everything will deteriorate quickly with no effective countervailing prescription.

Monetary policy is the only mechanism to fine tune economic behavior.  When the Hyperdive starts, however, the Fed will not be able to stem the spin even if it raises or lowers the Federal Funds Rate (FFR) radically.   The world market will not respond predictably to the Fed.  In the past, the Fed’s increase of the interest rate usually drove down the supply of money; its decrease of the rate usually drove up the supply of money.  In the new economy, a higher interest rate will attract foreign lenders and repel American borrowers; a lower interest rate will repel foreign lenders and attract American borrowers with their voracious consumption habits.  There is no equilibrium interest rate.  In addition, the Fed can exercise some control of the M1 money supply, but it cannot control the “plastic supply” (P1 ?) that is within the control of the public and is now out of control.  The public can print plastic and confound policy, at least for a time.

This perfect storm has been building for years.  During the run up to the tech and .com collapse in late March, 2000, many tidy sums were earned and those with mutual funds were taxed annually.  When the run up ran down, those who had invested and saved as they were intoned to do were impacted twice.  They certainly did not receive a refund of the taxes they paid on the appreciation of their investments; they did not receive the anticipated return on their now depreciated investments.  Their privately financed retirements were deferred from a few months to a decade or more.  Their taxes had, however, enriched the public fisc.  In Jan. 2001, the outgoing President Clinton and the American people bequeathed that hefty budget surplus to the first appointed president in American history.

The structural problem with the American economy has been exacerbated and accelerated by the Bush economic policies.  The Bush policy to “spend today and tax yesterday and tomorrow” is the most fiscally irresponsible economic policy in American history.  A purposeful and balanced “tax and spend” policy became a “spend and spend and spend” policy.  The phrase “trickle down economics” is one of the few candid terms in American politics; only a little trickles down to the villagers.  Bush engaged in systematic baksheesh by bribing every constituency at every opportunity without shame or regret.  Try to recall a spending bill that he vetoed.  His recent proposed No [Securities Industry Association] Lobbyist Left Behind Act of 2005, the bill to repeal Social Security in stages, is another proposed trillion dollar transfer from the public weal to his private contributors.  Without public resolve to defeat it, the bill will join the No Lobbyist Left Behind Act of 2000, the No Lobbyist Left Behind Act of 2001, the No Lobbyist Left . . . .  He is looting the country not leading it.

The past surplus in the exchequer disappeared first; Bush was able effectively to tax the populace in the past.  Now the future is being mortgaged to finance today’s excesses.  Tax cuts for the rich were the required bribe to his friends and supporters.  Tax rates in the near future, perhaps during the second or third year of his second term, will need to be raised substantially whether Bush likes it or not.  Bush’s statement that he will cut the little “d” deficit in half by 2009 is akin to a promise to add two more lifeboats after the Titanic reaches New York.

The world may realize that collectively it must abandon the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and shift to the Euro to provide some stability during the resulting world economic decline.  Petroeuros.  The Chinese may elect to peg their Yuan to the Euro rather than to the declining dollar.  If and once the Yuan and the Euro represent the same unit of account and store of value, a new currency could be issued to serve as the industrial world’s new medium of exchange.  How about the Mondial?  The new medium could emerge as the currency for a United Centro y Sud America, although unity in that region is increasingly less and less promising.  The U.S. could print more paper and mint more coinage, but few would care.  It will slip from its dominant role in the world economy in the next score years.

If the Hyperdive occurs in late October of 2005, it will effectively undermine any Bush social security deforms.  As the bourse goes bust and the Dow dives to 7000 or lower, even Bush will have a hard time conning Americans into investing in a failed and failing market on their own.  Americans are gullible, but collectively they are not likely to give up an admittedly unpredictable future under the current social security program in exchange for a certain immediate failure.  The transition costs alone of the social security deform may trigger the Hyperdive.  If the Hyperdive occurs in late October of 2006, it may doom Republican re-election prospects in the mid-term election and emerge as the surprise opportunity for the Democrats.  The Democrats are clueless.  Despite a lifetime spent successfully ducking responsibility, Bush probably will not be lucky enough to flee the White House in 2008 before the house of cards collapses; he will blame others.

America may be forced to file a petition in bankruptcy and prepare a workout with its creditors.  Foreign creditors will demand a balanced budget as a condition of continued foreign participation in the American economy.  The most likely plan of reorganization is to require the U.S. to follow the fiscal provisions that govern members of the European Union.  Asian creditors are likely to vote for such a plan because it is based on sound universal capitalist principles.

(E => 2 GBs) + (D => 10 T) + (P => 10 T) =  Trouble.  As noted above, P exceeds 10 Trillion.  The Hyperdive could occur sooner.  Stay tuned.  Film at 11.

Downloading the “Fin Plan” in Copyright Law (January 10, 2005)

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Most individuals will pay $.99 for a song, $1.98 for two, and perhaps $2.97 for three. Maybe, just maybe, if they are good, $3.96 for four songs. However, they are reluctant if not downright unwilling to pay $16.99 for sixteen songs of diminishing inspiration. This situation induces cognitive dissonance in individuals who may otherwise be inclined to do right and good. The cost of burning another cd is cheap; everyone knows the score because everyone does it. Why not create your own music, the thinking goes, when it is obviously free to produce and because many of the creators do not seem to be wanting for another Lear or Lamborghini.

Most individuals will willingly pay a fin for all sixteen songs. The last dollar and four cents pays for the other dozen songs. Even in the unlikely event that the sale of cd’s only breaks even or is a loss leader at five dollars a copy, the sales will lead to other gains. The real money is made at the concerts and from other revenue sources. Sell more cd’s, fill more seats. Harley walks away with little from the sale of its chrome ponies and makes its money on the gear, paraphernalia and calendars.

Keep honest people honest; keep marginally honest people honest. There is a “positive public externality” because citizens who respond to the collective incentives in society in an honest way tend to develop honest habits; the opposite is true. Do the Lord’s Prayer thing if that is your thing and lead them not into temptation. Deliver us from evil; keep the government out of the arena, including the inefficient and inequitable government entity collectively known as the American court system. Make money, not lawsuits. Voluntarily adopt the “Fin Plan” and track the gains.

Boycott Red America (January 3, 2005)

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The U.S.A. is engaged in an uncivil civil war, a war between the states of mind. At core, the dispute is between urban and suburban/rural Americas, although the voting boundaries are crudely demarcated by state and region. America revealed its true colors once again in the tragic events surrounding 11/2. Cooperation and compromise, albeit usually virtues in these situations, are now futile, counterproductive and self-destructive. A condominium divided against itself can stand. Appomattox condemns unilateral secession but condones voluntary realignment. We as a nation must summon the honesty and courage to hoist a national white flag and agree to realign the red states and the blue states. The blue states should form three Azure Provinces known as the United Provinces of America (U.P.A.). The red states should form the United States of Aggression or perhaps the United States of Fear, Ignorance and Greed (U.S.G.). The red states will demure when they realize that the reds cannot subsist without the massive subsidies funneled to them via the tax dollars confiscated from the blue states. Without a worldwide boycott of red America and diplomatic recognition of blue America, realignment is not possible.

After the realignment, reds can continue to live, work, travel and own property in blue country, and vice versa. Anyone uncomfortable living and working in Paris (Illinois) can travel to Rome (Georgia) and buy property; vice versa for those forced to relocate from Paris (Kentucky) to Rome (New York). For those of us who are out of place, relocating will be wrenching and discomforting. Everyone will be afforded dual citizenship and provided two passports. A red flag with 31 white stars in the field; a score of white stars on a field of blue. “In God we trust” versus “In reason we trust.” Clergy versus clerisy.

Creative individuals can move to U.P.A. and design energy-efficient transportation modules. Pedestrian ones can move to U.S.G. and drive gas-guzzlers in circles. Reds can continue to sell bazookas and grenade launchers at their local pharmacies and hardware stores so that the terrorist at the end of their cul-de-sac can arm himself without delay or an inconvenient background check. Blues remain free to take granddad’s 30.06 from the safe each Fall and wander in the woods in pursuit of the elusive white tail. God knows gays have already suffered enough, but if they really want to get married, they can move to U.P.A. and spark the most massive urban renewal ever accomplished in the history of humankind without visiting the exchequer. U.S.G. can ban with abandon even secular civil unions because everyone knows that queers woke up one Tuesday morning and elected to be that way of their own volition and not because of God’s design.

The blues can reaffirm basic libertarian principles and allow each citizen to control the person’s person. The reds insist on more government dictating personal decisions for others. As soon as a baby crawls out of the hospital and makes a misstep, the reds dispatch the human being with extreme prejudice. Government in the bedroom is far more corrosive of individual rights than in the boardroom. The blues get the original Bill of Rights, because the reds would not even recycle the paper. Custody of the Constitution is joint, although in a few legislative sessions there will be scant resemblance between the two amended versions. Without realignment, the entire U.S.A. will continue to decay and fester to second world status within a generation. With realignment, the Michigan-Ohio State football game immediately becomes an international event of epic proportions. Go Blue.

On March 19, 2003, George Bush triggered World War III. Sans casus belli. America cannot win it, America alone cannot stop it. A group of radical Christian extremists declared war on a group of radical Islamic extremists who were eager to reciprocate. Those who would rather be red and dead should not be afforded the opportunity to absolve the rest of us of our mortality. Bush is skillfully recruiting terrorists for the cause, although he soon will not be able to recruit his own palace guard. U.S.G. will be free to impose a front door Draft on its populace allowing the reds to prosecute the doomed Second Crusades for the next one hundred years. Operation Iraqi Liberation alone will bestow thousands of American deaths, seven-fold that number of disfiguring and dismembering casualties, and a direct economic cost of half a trillion in two years. More than 150,000 innocent Iraqi civilians and brave red-blooded Iraqi freedom fighters will die doing what any red- or blue-blooded American would do if our country were invaded without provocation. Each Iraqi death produces a hydra effect because two more Iraqi patriots commit their lives to the cause.

The reds delude themselves into believing they hate us for who we are; they hate us for what we are doing. The current version of the Constitution does not say: “We must destroy the village to save it.” However, America is deploying tax dollars to destroy the villages and then committing tax dollars to rebuild them. The “Economics of Destruction and Reconstruction 101” is an emerging field. The cost of reconstruction will be twenty-fold the still escalating and untold cost of destruction that we are not being told. Both Fallujah and Flint (Michigan) are being destroyed for no purpose, although Fallujah is slated for urban renewal with a modern subway system and above ground swimming pools. The Secretary of Offense is not astute enough to take one of the few insightful pages from the Vietnam playbook by declaring victory and getting out. With the fires ignited by the U.S.A., the current Dien Bien Phu III will be a mere sideshow and a forgotten incident in a conflagration that the U.S.A. will not be able to lose gracefully.

Use by the U.S.A. of tactical nuclear weapons in the form of spent uranium threatens to beget more nuclear activity. Individuals in the physics departments and in the biology departments of this planet pose a far more devastating threat than kids throwing stones at invaders using nuclear weapons to destroy their homes. At home, the systematic and willful conspiracy to bankrupt the public fisc is a high crime and misdemeanor that does little “to promote the general welfare.” A ten trillion dollar debt should be unconstitutional and alone grounds for immediate impeachment. Taxing to match spending is at least balanced and responsible. Only the reds seem charmed by these prospects.

By contrast, U.P.A. can reaffirm international law and the Geneva Conventions, issue a statement of non-participation in the Second Crusades, and execute a formal memorandum of re-engagement with the world. U.P.A. can assume one of the permanent seats on the Security Council without objection because the reds want nothing to do with U.N. pantywaists. U.P.A. must be liberated and divested to participate with and compete against the two rising colossuses that will define and dominate this century China and the European Union. U.P.A. will “provide for the common defense” by undertaking actions that contribute to the security and well being of the Provinces and the stability of the world. The Blue Provinces could unite with the E.U. to create the Transatlantic Alliance. With a mix of carefully calculated battles cum exeunt and a few shrewd modus vivendi, U.P.A. and the other two political empires may be able to limit or eliminate the causes of dissatisfaction that lead a desperate and rational person to employ terrorist techniques.

The U.S.A. has rarely been more vulnerable or the world less secure. The ruling ayatollah and his cabal of radical religious fundamentalist fanatics in Washington will not tolerate free elections, peaceful regime change or geographic realignment in America. Their devoutly anti-intellectual and anti-intellectually devout fans are in lockstep. However, they say that freedom is on the march. Little Napoleon motivated his own [al] Queda, his base, to continue on the path to world domination or destruction, whichever comes first. The world can and must just say no to the war criminal and his clutch of chicken hawks. Uniting one’s foes and dividing one’s friends (and countrymen) is not sagacious. With a few exceptions, the McMedia of every hue in America are effete, craven, servile and unavailing, but they are pretty. The last hope is for private citizens to unite the world and enlist its assistance to conduct a world economic plebiscite.

The world must boycott red America for one year. No visits to red states or contributions directly or indirectly to their economies. No vacations or holidays or conferences or conventions. Cranberries from the Eastern Province (Massachusetts and New Jersey), the Central Province (Wisconsin) and the Western Province (Washington and Oregon) should be imported and served once a day to support the peace movement. Washington apples but not Virginia apples. California oranges but not Florida oranges. Don’t mix apples and oranges. Oregon pinot but not Tennessee mash. Minnesota corn but not Iowa corn. Wisconsin beer but not Colorado or Missouri beer. Skip Alaska and explore New England and then Hawaii next year. Tour Washington D.C. and find lodging in the city or in Maryland. Spend too much time and money in New York. Circumnavigate the Adirondacks and the Sierras and circumvent the lower Appalachians and the eastern Rockies.

Tender Euros, the peace chits, to blue businesses to symbolize Europe’s permission slips for peace. After some initial resistance, blue Americans may adopt the Euro as their currency. English is the emerging medium of communication for the E.U.; the Euro rightly should emerge as the medium of exchange for the U.P.A. By 2006, the Euro will be the new two dollar bill. Vote for peace in the three Azure Provinces. We can all use Euros to buy the “English/Mandarin” and the “English/Cantonese” dictionaries and launch them to the top of The Beijing Times Best Seller List. Demand that all imported produce and products from the U.S.A. include a state of origin stamp. Provide your kinder with outline maps of the U.S. and crayons of rojo y azul, rouge et bleu, rosso e azzurro, or rot und blau to teach them the boundaries of the two Americas. Send letters and e-mails to the respective secretaries of state and convention bureaus and inform them that you are boycotting the red states.

On a grander scale, if the central banks in Europe (ECB), Japan and China create a true Coalition of the Willing and demand that the U.S.A. withdraw from its international excursions or face complete withdrawal of all financial support for and funding of the U.S.A., there will be change. Those who carefully save in Frankfurt (Germany) can save those who spend wildly in Frankfurt (Kentucky). The Coalition must implement this new and improved version of the Marshall Plan and impose a revised Containment policy to restrain and quarantine the red menace in this rogue nation. International economic sanctions will succeed against the American war machine impatient to unleash more of its weapons of mass destruction against the world. A trillion dollar (Euro?) economic impact in one year likely will garner some attention.

During its glory days, America was a generous and magnanimous Republic that came to the world’s aid in times of need and trouble in so many ways. We sane Americans now must ask the rest of the world to come to our aid. Diplomatic recognition of blue American is critical. You can save blue America and the rest of the world, and red America. Boycott red America now. Billions of lives and livelihoods are at stake. In due course, the boycott can be finessed to focus on the specific enterprises that advance the apocalypse. Thank you kindly in advance for your assistance and sacrifice in saving the world.