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The Coming Depression Is Not Depressing (May 9, 2005)

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America is on the precipice of a long, harsh and grinding Depression.  Don’t get depressed.  The experience will be uplifting.  Americans have become fat, lazy and arrogant.  The coming Depression will make all of us lean, hard working and humble, the true American family values.  Those few Americans who have acquired three Burger Heaven franchises have become smug members of the petty bourgeoisie.  They have conspired to eliminate the safety net that underpinned life in America.  They will be the ones to fall the farthest and land the hardest without the internal fortitude to survive.  All of us will be better for it. 

Ohio – Not Forgettin’ Ohio; The Battleground State Battles On (May 2, 2005)

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[May 4 is the 35th anniversary of the incident at Kent State]

The battleground in Ohio in the Fall of 2004 could become another battleground in the Fall of 2006 or the Spring of 2007.  America engaged in one of its periodic civil wars when the Ohio National Guard attacked kids who disagreed with America’s actions in the earlier Iraq.  Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (not a law firm) chronicled the activities in the eponymous essay entitled “Ohio.”  “Got to get down to it, soldiers are gunning us down.”

The state revealed its character in the last election.  Democracy flourishes in places like the Ukraine because the people demand it.  The Republicans own Ohio and would not allow democracy to flourish there.  With some commendable exceptions, Ohioans did not demand democracy.  Not a good start.  A cradle of democracy is a better starting place than a graveyard.

The Guard was always a hybrid group of militia that could both “provide for the common defense” and “promote the general welfare.”  They were the backup local police and EMTs and weekend warriors who could spell the regular military for a few weeks or months at the front.  They have been swept up in a Back Door Draft (BD) with “stop gap” orders in support of an illegal war.  Bush has eviscerated the very haven he sought to avoid active military service to his country.  Few will go into the Guard in the future except as a last desperate resort.  When there is a need for Guardsmen to help after a hurricane in Florida, a tornado in Oklahoma, a wild fire in Montana, or an earthquake in Alaska, there may be no one there to assist.  And there will be no one there to assist in a generation. 

When the kids get conscripted in the Bush Front Door Draft (FD) to support the Second Crusades, will they resist?  Will the few remaining members of the Guard shoot them or lay down their arms?  Will this new generation of returning Guardsmen be willing to shoot American kids who don’t want to be departing Guardsmen?  Time, they say, will tell.  Forgettin’ Ohio?  “How can you run when you know.”