The Humongous Gamble (June 1, 2009)

Consider this obscenely gross and simplistic survey of recent presidents and the economy.

Reagan – pawned the future of the children.  (“Deficits don’t matter.”)

Bush II –  pawned the future of the grandchildren.  (Encouraged deficits and the Debt to grow unchecked.)

O’Bama – pawning the future of the great grandchildren.

The economy and the budgets limped along during the Bush (“Read my lips”) I administration and grew at a promising but unsustainable and unsustained rate during the Clinton administration.  O’Bama genuinely believes that he can pull off the “Great Hat Trick” and rescue the futures of three generations of children by spending federal money and stimulating economic growth.  There is not enough unused productive capacity.  The numbers simply do not add up no matter how you add them.

Bumper sticker of the week:

Watch Inflation Next

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