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‘Romney – Negro Care’ Is Back In The News. Again. (September 30, 2013)

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1          “The hatred is so virulent.”

2          “And all because a Black guy is trying to stay the impact of viruses.”

1          “Hate and fear; hate and fear; hate and fear; hate and fear.  The overriding fear is that ‘Romney – O’Bama Care’ will work.”

2          “The hatred and fear is implicitly endorsed by so many of the folks described as mainstream commentators who do not discuss what is really at play.”

1          “Life is usually just high school writ large.  The Tea Party types and their ilk in the Republican Party have regressed through high school back to kindergarten.  Kindergarten writ small.  Spoiled little children who need to be spanked lovingly and sent to the time out room.”

2          “The Constitution does establish minimum age requirements to serve in the House and the Senate.”

1          “They only look at the date of birth rather than intellectual and emotional maturity.  When it is called ‘Obamacare,’ there is some resistance, but when it is called the ‘Affordable Care Act,’ there is great interest.”

2          “That is why the Tea Partiers would like to call it ‘N-word Care.’”

. . .

1          “No Republican voted for the Affordable Care Act.  Their votes were recorded and given full force and effect.  They lost.  The Act passed muster before the Republican-controlled Supreme Court.  The Republican members of the House have taken more that forty votes to repeal the legislation.  The Senate provides the mature insight.  It is settled for now.”

2          “The Republicans condemned the employer mandate and then condemned O’Bama for deferring the employer mandate for a year.  Dishonest or hypocritical?”

1          “And the Republican commentators who are now condemning O’Bama for exercising too much power reversed their notions of constitutional law and presidential power the day O’Bama was inaugurated.  Seems dishonest and hypocritical to me.”

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Bumper stickers of the week:

Bark more, Wag less.  Right?

Destroying the Republic to save the Republic.

If O’Bama proposed a bill to advance motherhood, the Tea Party would attack it.

The Paradox Of The Republican Federal Judge: Republican Federal Judge Syndrome (September 23, 2013)

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L1        “They spend their Saturday nights dutifully licking and sealing envelopes containing missives condemning the government on behalf of the Republican Party, then get their coveted federal judgeship, and then spend their career granting every motion and request for relief filed by any government agency or large institution to the detriment of the public and/or an individual.”

L2        “The vexing ‘Paradox of the Republican Federal Judge.’  The Republican Federal Judge condemns the government to get there and represents the government once there.  Leaves you wondering if we could save money by appointing one person to be the U.S. Attorney General and the Federal Judge.”

L1        “In a dispute between an individual and the government, the Republican Federal Judge sides with the government.  In a dispute between an individual and the police, the Republican Federal Judge sides with the police.  In a dispute between an individual and an insurance company, the Republican Federal Judge sides with the insurance company.  In a dispute between an individual and a bank, the Republican Federal Judge sides with the bank.  In a dispute between an individual and a large corporation, the Republican Federal Judge sides with the large corporation.

L2        “I’ve seen that side in practice.”

. . .

L1        “He didn’t even sense the irony of his circumstance.  He supported and financed the Republican Senator who nominated the Republican Federal Judge appointed by the Republican President who could not wait for the Republican U.S. Attorney nominated by the Republican Senator and appointed by the Republican President to file a motion to deny relief to him and assess fees against him in his dispute with the gov-mint.”

L2        “Republican Federal Judge Syndrome.  So many of them are RFJS-Positive.  You can still blame it on the Democrats.”

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[And then there are the exceptions. and]

[See the “e-ssay titled “You’re fired. Sue me.” (August 13, 2012).]

Bumper sticker of the week:

The law serves the wealthy and well-connected.  At every opportunity.

September 15, 2008 – The Date That Should Live In Infamy (September 16, 2013)

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C          “Five years ago in the morn, Senator McCain, the pundits and the powerful proclaimed that the fundamentals of the economy were sound.”

D          “Didn’t seem that way to me then.  Doesn’t seem that way to me now.”

C          “Didn’t seem that way even to them in the afternoon.  Those running the game realized that the hollow economy could not be propped up with lies and smoke and mirrors.  September 15 is the date that should live in infamy.”

D          “If market forces had been allowed to continue without the TARP and other interventions, the current generation would have endured its excesses rather than heaping them on the younger generations.”

. . .

C          “And two years since the emergence of the Occupy movement.  The folks shared a concern that something is wrong with the economic and political game even if they could not explain the problems or advance the solutions.”

. . .

D          “No one has ever audited the Federal Reserve.”

C          “Some companies claim to have paid back some of the government loans, but who really knows.”

D          “No one has ever been prosecuted except a few unconnected fools and Madoff who made the mistake of purloining from the powerful.”

. . .

C          “The Dow’s new highs are a sign of peril not of promise.  As long as the Federal Reserve keeps fabricating phony funds, the Dow will keep providing phony figures.”

. . .

C          “All the counterparty agreements are essentially insurance policies.  An insurance company is required by law to provide adequate reserves to satisfy possible claims.  Every concerned citizen should have reservations about an insurance scheme with no regulation or even reserves.”

D          “Insurance companies have historically been regulated by states.  The most likely state to regulate the financial industry – New York – has no incentive to regulate and every incentive to allow unregulated criminality.  New York is profiting handsomely from the criminality,”

C          “Laissez faire, they say.  Those in power are too lazy to create a fair economic system.”

D          “The same old same old.”

C          “The same old same old.”

D          “The same old same old is getting old.”

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[See the “e-ssays” under the Category “TARP” at and any of a few dozen “e-ssays” presented in the last nine years on the economy.  See the “e-ssays” under the Category “Occupy Movement” at]

Bumper stickers of the week:

A system that cannot go on forever will not go on forever.

“Twenty-five years ago, I worked there during the summers for $7 an hour and now my son works there part-time for $7.75 an hour.”

Tea Party And Innocence Project Form ‘Liberty Alliance’ (September 9, 2013)

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C1        “The ‘Liberty Alliance’ is so natural.  A political group concerned with liberty aligns with a judicial group also concerned with liberty.”

C2        “The Tea Party and the Innocence Project concluded a Memorandum of Understanding to advance and promote liberty.”

. . .

C1       “Breaking news.  The Young Americans for Freedom voted to join the ‘Liberty Alliance’ today.”

. . .

C1        “Braking News.  Some members of the Tea Party demanded that the ‘Liberty Alliance’ seek liberty and freedom for Whites only.”

C2        “There is always a catch.”

. . .

C1        “More Heart Breaking News.  Some members of the Young Americans for Freedom demanded that the ‘Liberty Alliance’ seek liberty and freedom for Whites only.”

C2        “It’s catching but not catchy.”

. . .

This article must be revised to reflect the following correction:

Neither the Tea Party nor the Young Americans for Freedom has formed an alliance with the Innocence Project.

. . .

[See the website of the Innocence Project at and the article at]

Bumper stickers of the week:

Don’t tread on me [yes you a corrupt and expensive and inefficient and inequitable criminal justice system.]

Even if you don’t do the crime, you may do the time.

Foot Longs and Football (September 2, 2013)

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F1        “One is bad for us and the other is bad for them.”

F2        “How about hot dog buns and pig skin antics.  Today’s version of bread and circuses.”

F1        “The fans poison themselves in the stands while the combatants bang their heads on the field.”

F2        “And on the heads of their opponents.”

F1       “Those who make it to the top have been pummeled for years if not decades and performed on Friday nights and then Saturday afternoons and then all day on Sunday.”

F2         “And on Monday and Thursday and Wednesday and Tuesday.”

. . .

F1       “America was about education, now it is about revenue sports.  Two sports are the revenue sports in high school, in college and in the prose.”

F2        “College combatants do not even receive workmens’ compensation insurance coverage while on the job let alone a share of the profits.  We celebrate Labor Day but do not reward them for their labor.”

. . .

F2        “The NFL executives testified before Congress in 2009, under oath as always, that repeated head contact by players has not been shown to lead to brain injury.  One representative, Linda Sánchez, noted that their testimony is the same as the tobacco company executives denying the link between smoking and lung disease.”

F1        “Every generation can be defined by its Big Lie.”

F2        “The danger from fracking also may be our generations’ Big Lie.” 

. . .

F1        “There are rumors of a legal settlement with a gang of retired gladiators who are suffering all manner of predictable maladies.  Most settlements include a provision enjoining future violations, but the games go on.” 

. . .

[See the article at] 

[See the “e-ssay” titled Gettin’ Health Risks Right (June 25, 2012) discussing the Big Lies of past generations.]

Bumper sticker of the week:

Play ball