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Mr. Mueller – The National Mirror – Comes To Town (July 29, 2019)

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J          “Republicans spin the exoneration and vindication angle.  Democrats spin the demonization and vilification angle.  The Republicans show blinded fealty to Trumpi not to Republicanism or conservatism.  The Democrats show fealty to blind self-destructiveness.”

K          “We just don’t get it.  We just can’t get it.  Bombs are ready to fall and banks are ready to fail and yet we get more side shows to distract the populace.”

J          “The National Mirror of the month is part of The National Distraction.”

K          “There is more to the back story that may emerge.  Stay tuned.”

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[See the e-commentary at “Russian Interference; Russian Collusion (February 26, 2018)” and “The Release Of The Redacted Robert Rorschach Report (April 22, 2019)”.]

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It’s Mueller Time [on a Miller Beer label]

Child Pornography And Molestation:  Is It Past Time To Think And Speak About The Pastime Of The Ruling Class? (July 22, 2019)

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K          “It is there but not thought about or spoken about.  Epstein’s arrest may force people to think about the unthinkable and to speak about the unspeakable.”

J          “They may not think or speak about it because it is unbearable.  The phrase ‘the tip of the ice berg’ is such a cliché yet evokes instant insight and universal understanding in every quarter.  The problems have been percolating for a long time and are now possibly boiling over.”

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K          “Epstein is a member in good standing of what passes for the social, political, economic and academic elite in America.”

J          “Trump fans point out that Epstein is a good friend of Clinton.  Clinton fans point out that Epstein is a good friend of Trump.”

K          “The rot and decadence in America is everywhere and so deeply entrenched.  In both political parties.  Is pedophilia the national pastime of the ruling class?”

J          “The response is as politicized and polarized as everything else in America today.”

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J          “Journalists can do something by including more articles in the daily media menu.”

K          “The Pulitzer people need to pass the word that a Pulitzer is possible for the person who writes trenchantly about the painful subject.”

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[See the e-commentary from six years ago to the day at “The Endless War On Women By American Warriors (July 22, 2013)” addressing another related problem involving the War On Women that is also allowed to fester and percolate.]

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“Everything in the world is about sex except sex.  Sex is about power.”  Oscar Wilde

Globalization:  Colonization Without The Costs; Corporations Supplant Countries.  Oh, And Happy Bastille Day! (July 15, 2019)

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K          “Globalization is colonization without the costs with corporations supplanting countries.  Corporations reap all the benefits and pass all the costs onto the helpless consumers and the compliant governments of the effete countries.”

J          “Globalization is the Universal Business Plan.  I am not really a big fan of the Big Plan.”

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K          “Colonization is undertaken by a country taking over title to and possession of another country and subjugating if not formally enslaving the populace.  Formal slavery is no longer trendy, but informal servitude is almost universally tolerated.  And the primary international actor today is the corporation not the now somewhat obsolete but useful country/nation/state.  The government is the accepted tool for violence.”

J          “The government is also the whipping boy.  To date, the corporations do pay a pittance to the slaves/populace and then pass the cost of housing (HUD, etc.) and feeding (HEW, etc.) the slaves/populace to the government.  The actual cost to the corporations is cheaper than the cost of housing and feeding the slaves/populace directly.”

K          “And they do not want to take title to the property when they can otherwise control the property without paying any taxes on it.”

J          “And then the corporations refuse to pay the taxes to fund the government that is housing and feeding the slaves/populace.  The Universal Business Plan.  I am not a big fan.”

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K          “Britain is the most recent perpetrator of the colonization paradigm.  When the United States sought to depose Britain from the perch, the World War among the ‘Type A personality’ countries of Europe provided the cover and opening for the rest of the enslaved world to free themselves.  In Phase I of The War, Wilson was able to project American presence.  In Phase II of The War, Roosevelt was able to project American presence.  America is now the presence and is ever-present.  America has not colonized the world, America has globalized the world for the corporations that own America.”

J          “The old observation that it is easier to take by investment than invasion rings true.”

K          “And now much of the world and a few Empires manqué are challenging the hegemony of the Empire.  When the Empire’s creation and creature – the PetroDollar – and its Monopoly on the Money Window that makes change for the world – the SWIFT – are unseated, then it is game change and regime change.”

J          “And change is coming.”

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[See “How Wall Street Colonized the Caribbean” in the “Boston Review” by Peter James Hudson dated June 19, 2019.]

[See the e-commentary at “Humanity’s Motto:  To Enslave And To Colonize (January 27, 2014)”, “Invest or Invade (December 15, 2008)”, “Eu-rope Is Mal-rope (May 7, 2012)”, “’Grexit’, ‘GrexEUnt’, Percolating Problems:  PIIGS, BRICS, EU, EC, ECB, IMF, NATO, WTO, WTF, WAR (February 23, 2015)” and “AIIB:  China: 1; U.S.A.: 0? (April 6, 2015)”.]

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Globalization Is Colonization Without The Costs With Corporations Supplanting Countries

Globalization Is Colonization Sans The Costs Con Corporations Supplanting Countries

Panda < Eagle > Bruin ; Panda + Bruin > Eagle

Strait of Hormuz or Deutsche Bank?  Deriving Derivatives (July 8, 2019)

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K          “Strait of Hormuz.”

J          “Deutsche Bank.”

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J          “You may be right.  Tip a ship.  That may do it.  The United States may even tip its own ship over and blame it on Iran to get things going.”

K          “You may be right.  The cancer is in the banking sector.  The contagion will spread from there.”

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[See the e-commentary at “Twenty Sixteen (January 4, 2016)”.]

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Nobody ever died from overexposure to education

Volkswagen (VW).  The Bottom Half Of The German Engineering Class Must Go Somewhere.  Boeing? (July 1, 2019)

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K          “Pressure from a valve on the spare tire was used to propel the windshield washer fluid on the wind screen.  The shortcut was innocuous and the source of some prideful stories by owners who limped into a gas station on the spare tire with a dirty windshield.”

J          “The solution to deliver the solution is clever, quirky, goofy, weird, beautiful, and idiosyncratic at the same time.”

K          “Benign, amusing and harmless.  That is not my quarrel.”

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K          “The lifeless VW 411 was VW’s limp response to the legendary Volvo 122S and featured an air conditioning unit placed right behind the newly-legislated five-mile impact front bumper so that the slightest tap destroyed the cooling unit.  The location was glaringly ill-conceived and definitely not Teutonic.”

J          “And the corporate suits with VW mounted a full scale, full contact defense of their transgression and never even offered a ten dollar off coupon.  The decline of the company was driving in fifth gear.”

. . .

K          “They tinkered further and spewed the VW Jetta that features an aluminum oil pan facing forward a few centimeters above the tarmac and splits with only a modest impact.”

J          “And if you do not stop immediately, the “Change engine light” flashes red insistently.”

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K          “And the general public is not even aware that the executives took a play out of the Harvard Business School playbook and doctored all the emissions figures while spewing pollution.”

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K          “Should a company with such a deep-rooted vile and evil culture be disbanded and its assets sold to the highest bidder?”

J          “Then what would the bottom half of the German engineering class do?”

K          “Boeing is interviewing.” 

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The bottom half of the class makes the top half of the class possible