Masks, Mandates And mRNA Vaccines: The Great Divide (May 24, 2021)

. . .

K          “A devoted masker in late January of 2020 no longer shares the same devotion in early June of 2021.  Much about the mRNA vaccines is troubling, very troubling.  Now that the government mask mandates are relaxed, public places are relaxing their requirements and letting individuals who self-identify as vaccinated to enter without sporting a mask.  However, my research suggests that many if not most individuals who have not had a vaccine are strolling insouciantly if not defiantly into public places without a mask.”    

J          “I believe in masks.  I believe in mandatory mask requirements.  I believe in mandatory mRNA vaccines.”

. . .

Bumper sticker of the week:

[See the e-commentary at “Seeing 20/20 In 2021 (January 4, 2021)”, “The Vaccine: The Shot Felt Round The World (November 23, 2020)”, “Vaccine Vacillation And Vicissitudes (December 14, 2020)” and “The Populace Is “Dis-ed”: Discombobulated, Disequilibrated, Disquieted, Disconcerted, Dislocated, Disillusioned, Disappointed, Dismayed, Dissed And Dis-ed (February 8, 2021)”.]

The Great Divide.  Coming to a country/county near you.

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