Eighth Annual “Cameo In Courage” Award For 2023 (May 22, 2023)

. . .

K          “The envelope please.  . . .  This year, the ‘Cameo In Courage’ Award is awarded to . . . Barbara Lee, the only Congressperson who voted against the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) in 2001.  Not one other person in the House or in the Senate had the courage, the dignity and the integrity to do what she did.  She has continued to challenge the powerful on behalf of the powerless.  She continues to carry the torch carried by Ron Dellums before her.  A civil society must provide some public nod to honor secular saints.  To acknowledge the poppy that forces its way through the crack in the asphalt to reach for the light.”

J          “One person demurred.  Only one person demurred when Congress capitulated completely.  And she is still serving.”

. . .

[See the e-commentary Cameo In Courage Award Nominee: Julian Assange (January 31, 2022), Sixth Annual “Cameo In Courage” Award For 2021 (April 5, 2021), Fifth Annual “Cameo In Courage” Award For 2020 (July 6, 2020), Seeing 2020:  Profiles In Cowardice; Profiles In Courage.  Oh, And Happy Valentine’s Day! (February 10, 2020), Alex J. / J. Assange And The First Amendment (August 13, 2018), Hero or Traitor? (June 10, 2013), Fourth Annual ‘Cameo In Courage’ Award For 2019 (April 8, 2019), Third Annual ‘Cameo In Courage’ Award For 2018 (April 9, 2018), Second Annual ‘Cameo In Courage’ Award For 2017 (March 6, 2017), First Annual ‘Cameo In Courage’ Award For 2016 (May 9, 2016), Award Deadlines (Livelines?) (July 25, 2016), Profile In Cowardice Award (May 12, 2014), Profile In Courage Award, 2015 (May 11, 2015), Chelsea And Ed:  Time For ‘Con’ ‘dign’ Treatment (November 30, 2015) and On Courage and Truth (March 17, 2008).]

Bumper stickers of the week:

Dissent remains patriotic, but perilous

“People run in packs because they don’t feel safe alone.  I run alone because I don’t feel safe in packs.”  Muhammad Ali

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