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Boys v. Girls / Reds v. Blues / Republicans v. Democrats / Catholics v. Jews / Institutionalists v. Individualists / Don’t Let Others Immanentize The Eschatoners v. Let Others Immanentize The Eschatoners: The Great Divide At The Supreme Court Today (October 5, 2015)

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L1          “Breyer is an all-pro guy, but, admit it, he is too smart to be male.  And Sotomayor was born with a plastic spoon in her mouth and is not a sustaining member of the Don’t-Let-Others-Immanentize-The-Eschaton wing of the Catholic church who dominate the Court today.”

L2          “So on one side of the great chasm are the Red Republican Catholic Institutionalist boys (Roberts, Scalia, Alito, Thomas and Kennedy) and on the other side are the Blue Democratic Jewish Individualist girls (Breyer, Ginsberg, Kagan and Sotomayor).  The divide could not be more clean and elegant.”

L1          “Or more stark and cavernous.  The Justices are seated by seniority but now should be seated with an aisle to divide them into two camps.  The sports announcer could chortle:  ‘In this corner, we have the Reds; in this corner, we have the Blues.’”

L2          “That would be way too honest and candid.  The big problem remains the lack of lawyers, leaders and intellectuals on the Court.  The biggest problem is that they are drawn from the worst pool of candidates – judges from the federal appellate courts who are probably the most intellectually dishonest group of lawyers.”

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L1          “They are not listening to the Pope on topics ranging from global climate change to the death penalty, from the death of the planet to the death of the person.”

L2          “Or the Pope’s comments on income inequality.  Roberts and Alito are trying to outdo each other promoting business over the individual and protecting the government from the individual.”

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L1          “Those in the majority claim to be Roman Catholic but do not vote or behave like the majority of Roman Catholics.  They are roman Catholics.”

L2          “Sans serifs.  Depends on the day of the week.  A Catholic on Sunday and a quasi-Catholic on the first Monday in October and thereafter.”

L2          “The opinions of the Pope are what lawyers describe as purely advisory.”

L1          “That independence of thought is not entirely undesirable.”

L2          “Accord.”

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L1          “No more than three Justices from one law school.  No more than three Justices from one religion.  No more than three Justices from the WaNeBos region.”

L2          “If no more than three Justices can be confirmed who believe that we should let others immanentize the Eschaton and no more than three Justices can be confirmed who believe that we should not let others immanentize the Eschaton, how do we fill the other three slots?”

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[See the e-commentary include in the “First Monday In October Series” and see The Paradox Of The Republican Federal Judge: Republican Federal Judge Syndrome (September 23, 2013) and SCOTUS on TV: “They Might Not Be Such Bastards” (March 26, 2012).]

Bumper stickers of the week:

It all comes down to one Red Republican Catholic Institutionalist guy – The Fulcrum


One Hundred Year Storms. Biennially? (October 29, 2012)

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3          “If we experience a one hundred year storm every two years, is it still a one hundred year storm.”

4          “Frankenstorm.  What a name.  A monster of our own creation.”

3          “From Bangladesh to Manhattan, somethin’ is happenin’ out there.”

4          “God insisted on introducing a campaign issue that is still disregarded by all the candidates.”

3          “God has such a diabolical sense of humor.”

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Bumper stickers of the week:

Price The Poop; Tax The Trash; Support A Carbon Fee

God voted

“Don’t know your stand on climate change.  If you are against a woman’s right to choose and are in favor of the death penalty, then you are against climate change.  Legislation, that is.  It’s that simple.”

Gettin’ It Right (June 4, 2012)

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R          “We need to continue segregation and maintain the policy of ‘massive resistance’ to integration.”

R          “We need to continue to enforce miscegenation laws.”

R          “We need to continue not to recognize Red China.”

R          “We need to continue sending troops to Vietnam.”

R          “We need to continue sending citizens to the gallows.”

R          “We need to continue our control of the Panama Canal.”1 

R          “We need to continue treating women as second class citizens.”

R          “We need to continue a man’s right to decree that a woman does not have the right to choose.”

R          “We need to continue mistreating those who are gay, lesbian, and transgender.”

R          “We need to continue disregarding overwhelming evidence that we are abusing Mother Nature.”

R          “We need to continue . . . .”

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1          “After all, we stole it fair and square.”

[See the “e-ssay” titled “I Am A Republican (February 7, 2011).”]

Bumper stickers of the week:

When you are trying to measure someone’s credibility, take a gander at his or her track record.

Will the Chinese finance America’s invasion of China? 

The First Look At The “Second Political Party” (January 3, 2011)

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R         “I’ve been shut out by the venal and feral nut cases in my party.”

D         “I’ve been sold out by the effete and craven fruits in my party.”

R         “My team is fraudulent; yours is feckless.”

D         “Your team markets fear; mine peddles hope.  No one addresses problems or provides answers.”

. . .

D         “Your team caters to the very rich; you’re not very rich.”

R         “But I can be.”

D         “Not any longer.  They let you nourish that delusion to string you along.”

R         “But I could have been.”

. . .

R         “We need a third party.”

D         “We already have a third party, but it is a rabid and toxic mix of nuts and fruits.  We need a fourth party.”

R         “At core, both parties are owned hook, line and over the barrel by the same corporate and financial interests.  The Repubocrats and the Demolicans.  Maybe we need a second party.”

D         “Our country has transformed from a democracy to a kleptocracy.  Each party protects and serves the kleptocrats and banksters who keep the public diverted and entertained with frivolous diversions and entertainments.”

R         “The Supreme Court decision in Citizens United was designed to promote the interests of my party and also has doomed the prospect of any other party emerging in America.”

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D         “We need less government involvement in our personal lives.  No government definition of marriage.  No government regulation of abortion.  No government criminalization of marijuana.”

R         “We need government to dictate the definition of marriage.  It is what I say it is, between a man and a woman.  We need government to invade each bedroom and demand delivery of every conceivable baby.  If the little tyke steps out of line, we need capital punishment.  Remember that life begins at conception and ends at birth.  We need government to imprison people for smoking marijuana when it is still legal to drink all the alcohol they want.”

. . .

D         “So now once again what are the essential bedrock policies of the ‘Second Political Party’?”

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Bumper sticker of the week:

TPTB America has abandoned the Middle Class; what is interesting to watch is how the Middle Class abandons TPTB America.

Capital Punishment And . . . Scientific Evidence (July 12, 2010)

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P          “There are times when it is hard not to conclude that a person has forfeited his right to stay in the pack and instead should be placed on an ice floe.”

C          “Seems that we are running out of ice floes.”

P          “The reaction to a reprehensible crime may be emotional, yet it is a human response.  There are some crimes that are so heinous that death seems appropriate and necessary.  And yet too much about the death penalty seems wrong.”

C          “And expensive.  The cost of reaching a final judgment without any additional appeals is substantial.  The mere cost of litigation concerns me and others.”

P          “Those costs are in part driven up by those who oppose capital punishment.”

C          “The old litmus test in politics has been resolved by resorting to . . . this is hard to believe . . . scientific evidence.  DNA evidence carried the day.  The sea change in the public support for the death penalty occurred after a critical mass of the public accepted the mounting DNA evidence exonerating many of those individuals who had been wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death.”

P          “Only carbon dating is more readily accepted by the public.”

C          “For more than a century, capital punishment was part of the private sector-public sector partnership of terrorism inflicted on Blacks and the underclass.”

P          “I have no doubt that the legal system is far too imperfect to believe that it can condemn someone to death with any accuracy.  Yet there are some individuals who have committed unimaginable crimes and are beyond redemption.”

C          “The problem is that the legal system too often simply cannot identify the right individual who has done wrong.”

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Bumper sticker of the week:

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth only leaves one blind and toothless.