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Our Future:  Tenants And Slaves (November 28, 2022)

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. . .

K          “Tenants and slaves.”

J          “Slaves and tenants.”

. . .

K          “BlackRock and others are buying up all the houses and then renting them.  Soon we will be mere tenants.”

J          “UnitedHealth and others are destroying medical practices and then devouring them and then demoting the physicians and staff into low paid indentured servitude.  That is happening in other industries.  Soon we will be mere slaves.”

. . .

Bumper stickers of the week:

Tenants And Slaves

You’ll Own Nothing and You’ll Be Unhappy

Soon we will be mere slaves and tenants

In tonight’s final score, it was Tenants zero, Slaves zero.

Weaponizing Turn Signals (September 19, 2022)

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. . .

K          “Turn signals are a subtle way for community members to communicate with each other.  A community member signals that he or she is making a move that could impact others in the community.”    

J          “So many people out there are so angry and bitter and frustrated and dangerous.  A vehicle provides a socially accepted weapon and driving it offers an opportunity to wield it.  A private tank on a public road if you will.  The little sliver of public road ahead of the driver may be the only thing that he or she can control for a few brief moments.”

. . .

K          “He is a grandfather and an otherwise reasonable and passive person.  After reflection and experience, he has decided not to use turn signals because they trigger others.  When he sees a safe opening and uses his turn signals, the vehicle in the other lane accelerates and cuts him off.  So he does not provide a clue and instead just changes lanes without notice and an opportunity for the vehicle to accelerate and cut him off.”

J          “I use the turn signal to test the tank driver in the other lane.  The tank often speeds up and passes creating an opening that allows me to change lanes.  Unless the following tank also speeds up.  With my blinker broadcasting my intentions all the time.”

. . .

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Bumper stickers of the week:

Imagine . . . using your turn signals

Forget world peace.  Visualize using your turn signals 

I’m not a mind reader.  Use your turn signal!

Happy Equinox

“Recurring Revenue”:  Inserting A Tentacle Into Every Pocket (August 29, 2022)

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. . .

K          “The word for our time.”

J          “It is a four letter word.”

. . .

K          “The business plan is to insert every tentacle into every pocket forever.”

J          “Remote start for a car strikes me as an acceptable bourgeois indulgence, but for the auto companies to demand a monthly charge for the service is underhanded and over the top.  Imagine if the credit card company botched the person’s payment for the recurring monthly power window fee and also the recurring monthly door lock fee.  A driver may be imprisoned in the vehicle.”

K          “Remember the song ‘M.T.A.’ performed by the Kingston Trio that told the tale of a rider on the MTA who did not have an extra nickel to pay the fare and was condemned to continue riding the subway in perpetuity.  Poor Chuck’s wife had to toss his lunch to him through the window.”

J          “Imagine flying down the highway and the red light erupts to inform the driver that the fee for brake service is in arrears and the braking system no longer functions.”

. . .

K          “In the early days of the Internet, those who mined and secured general internet addresses made a small fortune.  For instance, the person who first mined and secured made a tidy sum selling it.  Now websites are leased with the original holder retaining ownership and charging monthly rent.  It is legal and it is ethical, yet it is reflective of a desire to keep a tentacle in every pocket.  The lessee could develop the site as part of a brand and then lose the site for failure to make a monthly payment.”    

J          “Will the public resist?”

. . .

Bumper stickers of the week:

Brake service monthly fee in arrears

Will we ever return?

“Monitoring The Masses:  The Card And The Chip (January 12, 2015)” Seven Years Later (January 10, 2022)

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. . .

K          “Seven years ago, the threat seemed distant and curious and academic.”

J          “And now it is close and disturbing and real.”

. . .

[See the e-commentary at “Monitoring The Masses:  The Card And The Chip (January 12, 2015).”]

Bumper stickers of the week:

We moved a few books around.  Travel is now in the Fantasy Section.  Sci-Fi is in Current Events.  Epidemiology is in Self-Help.

There are few things more challenging in this life than encouraging another person to think independently.


TeeVee, The Fondle Slab And L’Internet (May 17, 2021)

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K          “Last time I ventured a guess, I concluded that I watch about 30 hours of traditional television a year.  Some of the viewing is logged under ‘social science research’ rather than ‘entertainment’ or ‘educational’ activities.  You will not be surprised to be reminded that I still have no television cable service.”

J          “About 50 hours, give or take about 50 hours.  Or a little more or less.  Some of our watching is hybrid television.  The only boob tube in the house is ensconced in the corner in the basement near other things in storage.”

. . .

K          “Now the amount of time I am enslaved by the fondle slab is another story.  A daily nightmare really.  Too much viewing.  Je suis addicted.”

J          “You may cut the cord, but we all are tethered by the signal.  If I could do it, I would do away with the Internet entirely including all the positive avenues and opportunities it has created.  Eliminate.  The.  Internet.  Period.”

. . .

[See the e-commentary at ““Monitoring The Masses:  The Card And The Chip (January 12, 2015)” Revisited:  The “Fondle Slab” Enslaves Us All (January 28, 2019)”.]

Bumper sticker of the week:

If you are not paying for the product, you are the prey

Monitoring The Masses:  The Card And The Chip (January 12, 2015)

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. . .

X          “Failure to present The Card, even when there is no cause or provocation, will result in immediate incarceration and summary disposition.  If The Card is not physically maintained within a fathom of The Chip, The Chip will transmit a warning signal to Headquarters and trigger an unwelcome visit.”

Z          “I hear you.  Coming to a country near you.  Everyone is now familiar with a credit, a debit or an EBT card, so the transition will be unnoticed and unchallenged.  All movement, travel, purchases and sales will be monitored at all times by The Chip implanted at birth without permission.  Cash will be non-existent and free movement only a memory.  A few rebels may barter surreptitiously, yet bartering will be more than a mere failure to report income and will also result in immediate summary disposition.  Possession of any precious metals such as Fe, Pb, Au or Ag will be strictly prohibited and swiftly prosecuted.”  

X          “Plastic cards have encouraged excessive over-consumption to date, yet they could also be used to ration scarce resources in the future.  Market the idea to the public with unrelenting fear.  ‘We’ need to adopt the system to protect us from The Terrorists.” 

. . .

Bumper stickers of the week:

Today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s science fact.

Today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s political and economic fact.

Are your papers in order?  Is your plastic in order?

When the big boys make a run on the bank and demand a repatriation of their gold, should the little guys make a run on the bank and demand a return of their fiat dollars?

Nous sommes Charlie?  Is the concern freedom of expression for all or only for some?

Boycott TurboTax:  See Internet