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Boycott Futball? (February 3, 2014)

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F1        “Are you crazy?  Apple pie and motherhood are as American as futball.”

F2        “Soccer Moms wielding mini vans hold the keys.  Will they make a motherly pitch to the kids and drive them to the pitch or accede to pressure and deposit them on the gridiron.”

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F1        “Watching it for the ads seems akin to buying a girlie magazine for the articles.” 

F2        “Spectacles are always spectacular.  A brand is a story.  This year the brands really tried to tell stories over a number of ads throughout the extravaganza.”

F1        “Seemed to be fewer ads for ED medication and the usual number for EtOH self-medication.”

F2        “Capture the audience and then captivate the audience.”

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F1        “The NFL is the big winner.  They scored non-profit tax-exempt status long ago.  The public pays for the millionaires to play for the billionaires.”

F2        “And the public finances most of the coliseums.  The teams are tantamount to unregulated public utilities.”

F1        “Perhaps citizens should pay a monthly bill for water and sewer, telephone, gas, and for futball.”

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F2        “Football is counterproductive because it destroys so many gladiators along the way.  Society is left weaker.”

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F1        “Sports has always provided every society with a forum to train warriors and titillate the populace.”

F2        “ROTC with colorful, multi-color uniforms, cheerleaders and beer.”

F1        “Tiddlywinks simply does not train warriors or titillate the public.  Few aspire to a career in the NTA – National Tiddlywinks Association.  Our need for blood sports is hard-wired into our dna.  Coursing is coarse, but the desire courses through our blood.”

F2        “Auto racing appeals to our love of speed and lust for a crash.  The most skilled drivers are at the wheel to maximize the speed and minimize but deliver the inevitable and cherished crash.”

F1        “Satisfying our need for immediate gratification led them to accelerate the process and fashion the ‘demolition derby’ that provides what the fans really desire – a string of premeditated crashes – without the wait.”

F2        “Rather than going in circles, they go right at each other.  Perhaps football could be reduced to fifteen minutes of uncontrolled mayhem with the gladiators going right at each other.”      

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F1        “The ideal winter sport is the biathlon . . . shoot and ski in the winter and then run or bicycle or pogo-stick in the summer to stay in shape.  The ideal summer sports are soccer and women’s rules lacrosse.  Men’s rules lacrosse is for insecure sissies.”

F2        “Men’s rules lacrosse is the outdoor version of ice hockey.  Is there women’s rules ice hockey?”

F1        “What about co-ed inner tube water polo played indoors in the winter and cricket played in the summer?”

F2        “Moms may need to select among competing pitches.  Cricket Moms would emerge as another target demographic for advertisers.”

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F1        “What would happen to Monday morning quarterbacking?”

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Bumper sticker of the week:

“Is Dylan a Cadillac shill or a Chrysler shill?  . . . . . . .  or a Ford shill?”  “I think he was a Victoria’s Secret model.”

King Daze (January 20, 2014)

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A          “King’s birthday has become a day for some people to undertake very visible and well publicized ‘public interest’ activities.  A day on not a day off.”

B          “The activities are advertised and publicized the way the Soviets announced spending on consumer goods.  Make a big announcement before spending money, make a big announcement while spending money, and make a big announcement after spending money.” 

A          “I am more interested in how one leads his or her life yesterday and tomorrow.”

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A          “Lawyers also undertake very visible and well publicized pro bono publico activities.”

B          “Secular redemption for activities undertaken during the rest of the week.  I am more interested in what they do on all of their days off not on their day on.”

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A          “Doing something if desirable.  The Civil War did not end at Appomattox, they just called a truce, changed the uniforms from gray fatigues to white sheets, and privatized the terrorism.  Celebrating King’s birthday is part of the long road and the slow process to end America’s enduring Civil War.”

B          “We still have a long way to go.  Virginia still celebrates Ku Klux Klan Day.”

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Bumper stickers of the week:

The world is my country; Doing good is my religion

Justice and Truth do not have on and off days

Virginia celebrated Ku Klux Klan Day last Friday  

Past Time: Exercising The “New Clear Option” (November 25, 2013)

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P          “It is about time.”

Q         “It’s way past time.”

P          “After stepping on your neck for years, they promise to step on your neck even harder if you try to wrench their foot off your neck.  It may be past time.”

Q         “They have used the logic embraced by the oppressed to oppress the patient and mature legislators.  It’s way past time.”

P          “Why not try to wrench their foot off, because when they get in power, they will be no less vindictive.  Now the oppressed legislators can compel the Senate to adhere to the constitutional duty to advise and consent rather than to delay and deny.”

Q         “Delaying legislation is a legislative prerogative.  The fight today is about denying executive branch appointments and undermining the executive branch.  At core, the fight is over separation of powers and the independence of the presidency.”

. . .

Q         “The war also is being fought over another branch – the courts and the judiciary.  Everyone in the know knows that there is no law, there is only ideology.  They are fighting over which ideologues get to don the wigs and dictate policy from the bench.”

P          “The vote is another skirmish in the continuing Civil War in America.”

Q        “That national experience provides historical perspective and ironic understatement.  Yet the war today isn’t civil.”

P          “At core, the clan of confederates is furious that a Black man is in the White House.”

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[See the article titled]

[The benchmark price of .22s in November is not available because .22s are not available.]

Bumper sticker of the week:

Mind your Ps and Qs

Tea Party And Innocence Project Form ‘Liberty Alliance’ (September 9, 2013)

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C1        “The ‘Liberty Alliance’ is so natural.  A political group concerned with liberty aligns with a judicial group also concerned with liberty.”

C2        “The Tea Party and the Innocence Project concluded a Memorandum of Understanding to advance and promote liberty.”

. . .

C1       “Breaking news.  The Young Americans for Freedom voted to join the ‘Liberty Alliance’ today.”

. . .

C1        “Braking News.  Some members of the Tea Party demanded that the ‘Liberty Alliance’ seek liberty and freedom for Whites only.”

C2        “There is always a catch.”

. . .

C1        “More Heart Breaking News.  Some members of the Young Americans for Freedom demanded that the ‘Liberty Alliance’ seek liberty and freedom for Whites only.”

C2        “It’s catching but not catchy.”

. . .

This article must be revised to reflect the following correction:

Neither the Tea Party nor the Young Americans for Freedom has formed an alliance with the Innocence Project.

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[See the website of the Innocence Project at and the article at]

Bumper stickers of the week:

Don’t tread on me [yes you a corrupt and expensive and inefficient and inequitable criminal justice system.]

Even if you don’t do the crime, you may do the time.

The Supremes On Love And Voting (July 1, 2013)

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L1        “The Constitution protects most of the people most of the time, but only some of the people can stand before the court and take a stand.  Those attorneys versed in ‘standing’ doctrine could sit around a card table.  Roberts decided that the folks who bellied up to the bar could not stand before the court and challenge to decision rejecting Proposition 8 in California.”

L2        “Not a bad compromise.  However, the Court should pause before it rejects what appears to be an outcome adopted by a valid public referendum.”

L1        “Or legislation adopted by a congressional vote.  Such as gutting provisions of the Voting Rights Act.  Congress voted to extend the VRA by a larger margin that any other substantive legislation in recent memory.” 

L2        “Roberts made findings of fact on appeal with no basis in fact.  Despite the allegations of the Gang of Five, America has not changed; the South has not changed; the Civil War continues.  The Department of Justice and the courts must moderate and mediate the racial war in America.”

. . .

L1        “Alito claims that gay marriage is a new invention.  The history of love is not his strong suit.  History really is not his strong suit.”

L2        “Being a suit is his strong suit.”

L1        “At least with regard to equal treatment of gays, the characters on the Court who have created their own history now are being overrun by history.”   

. . .

L1        “At least the Court, less the members on the right, is on the right and righteous path regarding the right to extricate the government from the marriage business.”

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Bumper stickers of the week:

Of course the Constitution has its flaws, but it is a lot better than what we have now.

The Supremes:  You can hurry love